How 9/11 will be cemented

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Looks like the official story will be cemented into the helpless minds of youth forever. Throw in a dose of and they won’t know the truth of WW2 either.….

Not so hard to control a population once you own their minds.

Formulation of the country’s first 9/11 Curriculum has a special significance at Kent Place School.

The head of the independent all-girls school, Sue Bosland, was on an education committee at the Liberty Science Center when Kent Place was asked to be one of the independent schools involved in writing the curriculum.

“We wound up being the only independent school,” Bosland said.

The 9/11 Curriculum is a product of the 4 Action Initiative, a group of 16 teachers and administrators from across New Jersey formed to develop a Terrorism and 9/11 curriculum for K-12. Sponsors of the curriculum include Families and Friends of 9/11, the Holocaust Commission and the Liberty Science Center.

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