Another miracle head shot recovery

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I haven’t ruled this one a or media  yet, but the fact that a girl who was at this shooting was 0;killed” at the Batman Aurora theater shooting leaves me very suspicious. This story only adds fuel to the fire.

I find it curious the surgeons won’t be named or interviewed … “The hospital allowed W5 cameras into the operating room to follow the procedure but the surgeons were the only ones who didn’t want to talk about it”

Why, pray-tell, not? Who better to talk about such a miraculous recovery? Since getting shot in the head and surviving without consequence seems to be a newer phenomenon, perhaps we could get some information on what has changed in the last few years (Gabby Giffords, Malala the girl shot by the Taliban, to name two). What new techniques of surgery are being used?

Connor Stevenson’s life-and-death struggle after the Toronto Eaton Centre shooting | Toronto Star.(webcite)


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