Comments on Thrive’s Sandy Hoax entry

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Interesting take…except the fact that you don’t address the fact that was a that once more uses the media to FAKE an event. is side issue to the fact that the herd is being manipulated by a…

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1 thought on “Comments on Thrive’s Sandy Hoax entry

  1. American Citizen

    I wonder if many/any of the comments on that blog are real? It makes me suspicious that people who saw Thrive and bothered to register there would still be caught up in the staged gun control argument. Really, these same people are not sharp enough to search out all the Sandy Hook Hoax videos? I learned about Thrive only a couple years ago during my waking up process and even signed up to help work on some of the projects but never heard back. Maybe Thrive is just another tool to measure how many people are aware. There is probably some nice report created routinely showing how many people are watching the movie, participating in the blogs, and signing up to “help”.

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