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was a smaller version of – and why wouldn’t it be? TV and and media collusion was just beginning and untested other than movie house propaganda.

9/11 was once more complete . It’s logical that JFK was too … and unlikely that JFK or Oswald even died – similar to the 3000 vicsims in 9/11.

I appreciate Jim’s unintentionally convincing me that JFK was another total . All the anomolies in the evidence proves to me that they were intentionally placed to keep researchers spinning FOREVER.

These are intricately planned operations that only a well oiled machine could pull off. They are more than a few anomalies. They are about moving a population to a way of thinking without force and without them even realizing what happened.

The sooner people stop parsing doctored media the sooner they will see what’s happening.…

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2 thoughts on “Comments to the wheelspinners

  1. American Citizen

    Ab, you are right on.
    I agree that JFK was just another psyop to manipulate the masses. It also makes me wonder if any media reported shootings are real? Doesn’t it just seem there is some studio in Hollywood that creates all the news and all the media just puts the local spin on it? We might get some real stories that we can see like bad weather but I bet most of the bad news like murders, rapes, political stories, etc are just manufactured.

  2. Pierce Scrim

    Hear, hear, Ab Irato! How right you are.

    We can put this jfk thing to bed.
    The assassination was a staged event. Once you see through the fake of the manned moon landings or that of 9/11, you see through the fake of Dealey Plaza.

    If an event shows to be unsolvable, that event never happened in the first place.

    This world is as full of deception as an apple is of juice. Don’t bite.
    (Neither for “polite, serious discussions”).

    Passersby who aren’t aware of image and media fakery you can call naïve.
    Professionals who aren’t you can all gatekeepers. Needless to say that professionals who are can still be of the same.


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