Head shot deaths: solved?

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It appears doctors have re-written the Humpty Dumpty manual: a near complete recovery can be expected when shot in the head:

Video: Malala speaks publicly for the first time since her attack.

The only lingering effects seem to be slow speech and a slightly closed eye.

I’d really like to reward their doctors – don’t you think they should be feted publicly? What used to be a 95% certainty of death looks like it’s been solved!

Oh and both recovery victims have their funds up and running. Don’t forget to give until it hurts!


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American Citizen
8 years ago

Wow, a very young Afgan girl that speaks fluent English. That makes me very suspicous. Watching those videos she seems to be plastic or artificial. She and Gabby should get together over tea and reflect on thier good recoveries. This goes to show that the fakery spans to probably most every country.

Jan Erik Hansen
Jan Erik Hansen(@jan-erik-hansen)
8 years ago

I gues the mafia have to quit headshots now ? As it does not work anymore ?