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Apollo Truth

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One of my loyal readers (P.S.) sent me this excellent site in the Apollo hoax. apollotruth.atspace.co.uk/

When testing the feasibility of humans in space, tests were first conducted using animals. No animal however was used to test a return Moon journey. If a Moon landing was possible, in reality it was not, then surely it would make logical sense to send the astronaut who had the most space experience on the first Moon mission. Someone who had experienced long duration’s of weightlessness in Earth orbit. Apollo 11 was Armstrong’s second and final space mission, which of course was in low Earth orbit.

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Ep27:Tina Foster – Beatles Faul or Paul Psyop

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audio_mp3_buttonep27-Tina Foster of plasticmacca

Showtime: Saturday, Feb. 9, 2013 8pm

Excited to have Tina on the show discussing the Paul/Faul psyop.

I am a big Beatles, Lennon, and Wings/McCartney fan. I was aware of the PID (Paul is dead) clues, but like most, thought nothing of them (silly promotion).

Now, with my 9/11 coke bottle glasses on, everything looks different. We will dig on this one. You can call in too later on the show.

Plastic Macca – Paul is Dead: PID discussion with Ab Irato on Saturday, 2/9/2013


Reverse speech revealed Faul’s fake mustache –
Apple Star – it was a fake mustache – reversal of Sgt. Pepper reprise
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Jesse flips

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Governor Jesse Ventura

Governor Jesse Ventura (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All I can credit Jesse for is coming on Howard Stern and drawing me into the whole 9/11 psyop.

He is a persuasive speaker – with charisma.

His first two seasons of Conspiracy Theory had some grains of gold – and were entertaining.

His latest season is completely off the rails – making those that believed in his shows look foolish.

Apparently he’s completely flipped and is backing the Sandy Hoax.

Jesse Ventura denounces Sandy Hook conspiracy theorists – CharlotteLibertarian news | Examiner.com.

Thanks for the ride Jesse! It was fun while it lasted (not long).

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