Apollo Truth

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One of my loyal readers (P.S.) sent me this excellent site in the Apollo hoax. apollotruth.atspace.co.uk/

When testing the feasibility of humans in space, tests were first conducted using animals. No animal however was used to test a return Moon journey. If a Moon landing was possible, in reality it was not, then surely it would make logical sense to send the astronaut who had the most space experience on the first Moon mission. Someone who had experienced long duration’s of weightlessness in Earth orbit. Apollo 11 was Armstrong’s second and final space mission, which of course was in low Earth orbit.

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2 thoughts on “Apollo Truth

  1. Shitscared

    The links at bottom of apollotruth.atspace.co.uk completely blow the Apollo fairy story out the window. After viewing these links, I can’t believe there are still people around who believe the NASA Moon landing crap.

    1. me

      You would be surprised how many idiots will defend the Apollo missions. It is absolutely mindblowing how stupid/blind people can be. They would rather wish a horrible painful death upon your entire family, than to ever consider that Apollo was fake. I debate on you tube sites in the hope that someone will see the light. But most of the time i find myself debating with mostly “incredibly moronic” individuals. The author of the site you posted was way ahead of his time, (he could see it was fake from the day it happened) and is a heck of a nice guy. I cant seem to find the site any longer, just hope its still up and running.


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