Ep27:Tina Foster – Beatles Faul or Paul Psyop

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Showtime: Saturday, Feb. 9, 2013 8pm

Excited to have Tina on the show discussing the / .

I am a big Beatles, Lennon, and Wings/McCartney fan. I was aware of the (Paul is dead) clues, but like most, thought nothing of them (silly promotion).

Now, with my coke bottle glasses on, everything looks different. We will dig on this one. You can call in too later on the show.

Plastic Macca – Paul is Dead: PID discussion with Ab Irato on Saturday, 2/9/2013


Reverse speech revealed Faul’s fake mustache –
Apple Star – it was a fake mustache – reversal of Sgt. Pepper reprise
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24 thoughts on “Ep27:Tina Foster – Beatles Faul or Paul Psyop

  1. Green Skelton

    Fascinating discussion & subject, Ab. Spoiled a little by Tina’s readiness to buy into other PsiOp material such as “Charles Manson”, Aleister Crowley, “The Illuminati“ etc. After studying ‘P.I.D.’ seriously for a good while, it is my considered opinion that the only thing we can say safely is that the person being presented to the world as “McCartney” up to 1966 is not the same as that (or those) from 1967 on. Everything else is speculation.

    Regarding “Manson” having written the song ‘Helter Skelter’ & the title having been derived from “witch language”, it is, in fact, simply the name of a popular fairground (carnival) ride in the U.K. CM is unlikely to have known that. The late founder of Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett, wrote a solo song entitled ‘Octopus’ about another such ride. If Tina hears that I suspect she will think it is about ‘The Illuminati’! Also on the subject of Charlie, didn’t someone state, on one of Chris’ shows, that his “victims” don’t appear on the Social Security Death Index? It wouldn’t be a great shock!

    Tina stated as evidence that ‘Faul’ has difficulty playing bass guitar & singing at the same time. I had noticed this too watching his appearance at the “HM The Queen’s” Diamond Jubilee Concert. Indeed, as a bass player myself it looked to me that he had no ability to play the instrument at all. For comparison I checked a number of clips of ‘Paul’ playing live in the early 60s. Imagine my surprise to discover that HE didn’t seem to be able to play it either! Either that or I was wasting my time in my band career learning elaborate scales & runs up & down the bass fretboard when one can achieve the same effect by clasping & unclasping one’s hand in a fixed position on the neck! In quite a number of clips the head of the bass & ‘Paul’s’ (right) playing hand appear very deliberately edited out of the film, or maybe just the camera angle. The mystery deepens!

    ‘Faul’ smoking with his right-hand is no kind of evidence at all. I am very right-handed but habitually smoke with my left as the ashtray in my room is on the left-hand side. Manipulation of a cigarette requires no special motor skills!

    Sorry to appear so negative but, I’m sure you will agree, the investigation is not helped by following false trails. The mystery is very real & very likely a deal stranger than many P.I.D. investigators have dreamt. A brief piece of speculation on my part: the received wisdom is that ‘The Beatles’ created a landmark album in 1967 entitled “Sergeant Pepper etc”. Consider for a moment that a studio ‘super group’ called ‘Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ released an album called ‘Beatles’. That’s what it says on the sleeve!

    Hope you return to this subject, not least because it’s a bit of light relief from the heavy 9/11s…at least, it is until you dig in!!

    1. jimlarso2006@yahoo.com

      I think your comments are quite good and not negative at all. I think it’s time to cut through all this BS.

      Tina Foster (if that’s her real name) spreads inaccuracies. The Beatles were introduced to psychedelic drugs (Marijuana) by Bob Dylan in August of 1964 and became pot addicted 6 months latter. So much for her claim that the Beatles were anti-drug clean cut mop tops prior to the arrival of “Faul.”

      This “lawyer” claims The “Butcher” album exposed Illuminati ritual murder? What murders? Where? When? Myron Fagan started most of this Illuminati swill, in the 1950s. Fagan, a Jewish man, should have known better than to start this paranoia.

      I’m left handed and now that I am older and having trouble using my left hand, I am forced to use my right more often. I would imagine using one hand to play bass all the time would lead to pains, blisters and all manner of ailments.

      Paul obviously knows how to play guitar with his right hand otherwise he could never use a right-hander’s guitar. Most guitars in the world are for the majority of people who are right handed. Although he did not attend parochial school, Paul was Catholic. The Church at that time may still have frowned on the use of the left hand. Paul may have suffered some stigma about this and learned to use his right hand for many things. I’ve heard musicians say that Paul is a good bass player. Have you seen “Let It Be?” Does he look like he’s playing in that film? I wouldn’t know since I don’t play.
      I don’t agree that Paul McCartney is a different man. This woman avoids many issues and focuses on one song, Helter Skelter to try to prove her point. An issue she neglects is James (“Jim”) McCartney, Paul’s dad. Does she think Paul’s dad would keep silent from 1966 to 1976 at the age of 73 when he died, if his son was killed
      by the “Illuminati” and a replacement used his son’s identity?” Having read Peter Brown’s book on the Beatles where he write about Jim’s nature, I think not. This woman will not let me post these comments and questions on her blog. This is a sure sign she is not legitimate.

      Plastic Macca is cacca as is the claim that no planes hit the World Trade Center. I live in NYC and witnessed 911 in person. Planes hit the Trade Center. They may not have been the airliners or manned by Arabs, but something hit the buildings. I watched the buildings burn like thousands of other New Yorkers. It wasn’t an optical illusion invented by the media.

      I remember the funerals. I remember the smell of fire for months. I never want to see days like that again.

      1. alpx299

        Thank you for recognizing that Tina is disturbingly very strange herself… perhaps a fake Tina altogether. The so called arguments are weak to ludicrous. Beatles and especially the remaining two original members of this great band… represent an oasis of light, joy, creativity and coolness. They are fun, fresh and always interesting. I admit I got sucked and fooled into this disturbing scenario initially despite being so obviously very far out. The idea that Paul would have been replaced with a double or look alike at least as talented as himself… having a very similar or even identical voice and the ability to compose so many good songs and perform… and play the piano.. and bass guitar and guitar left handed… and sing… is exceedingly unlikely to impossible, or more aptly put irrational. This young lady appears to harbor very strange and/or mystical beliefs… typical of schizotypal personalities. She does not seem to realize how illogical and outright absurd her ideas are. I tried to debate and dispute some of her, more obviously flawed takes or positions, by posting on her blog… and I was censored by her. If you try to open a fair game discussion and challenge her so called proofs or evidence which are very weak… she will not allow their posting. OVERALL, the entire idea that Paul or actually all the Beatles may have been replaced (she stated that in many radio appearances) or were part or victims of some sort of occult, deep conspiracy … is very disturbing and it is not based at all on sound judgment, unbiased observations or any logical or scientific analysis. On the contrary, the sort of pseudo evidence invoked mixes up craniometry done on planar black and white pictures… not acceptable in any court of law… with… ridiculous clues from back masking… reverse speech… and also astrology… bible code and… channeling…(?). This is the “work” of a confused soul at best… She claims to be a medium then, too… ? not only an interpreter of reverse meaning etc. What is truly up side down here is that she is an amateur occultist… deceiving herself first and then the others. Quite disturbing how very few people challenge her total bs and accept so much non sense blindly. There were many books in the same sensationalist and ill inspired vein… and the books published earlier had very similar titles… I am quite amazed The Very real McCartney is not suing her behind for this total nonsense or absurdity. She is very likely deliberately murking the waters and a disinformation agent herself. A smear campaign against the Beatles… her ideas or suggestions are more apaling than anything the Beatles ever did… How many respectable or reputable lawyers do you know to engage in this extreme and shameless form of mumbo-jumbo?. All of her arguments would be laughable in court. You said… Bible code?…counselor? Just listen to the song Get Back from 1969…, and enjoy McCartney at his finest and in top shape of his unmistakable voice… 3 years after he was replaced…and all your questions will be answered. So long, folks.

  2. Aral Sea

    Charles Manson was associated with Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys. He wrote songs and tried to get the BB’s to record some of them. Terry Melcher (record producer) tried to record demos of Manson but he was not able to work with him as he was erratic and eccentric and undisciplined musically. When Dennis found out that Manson had been taking advantage of him financially, he cut ties with him. To recover some money Manson owed him, he took one of his songs, changed some lyrics, recorded it, and gave full credit to himself not Manson (“Never Learn Not To Love” on 20/20 album 1969). When Manson heard the record and saw that he was not given credit, he flipped and the rest is history.

  3. Billy Preston

    Simple Song

    I wrote a simple song

    With simple words and harmony

    Wasn’t very long

    Before a star, I was bound to be

    I didn’t care if it made the charts

    I only wrote it for you and me

    They think they’re so smart now

    They’re not as smart as they want to be

    They took my simple song, yes, they did

    They changed the words and the melody

    Made it all sound wrong, yeah

    Now it sounds like a symphony

    Who told them to mess with my

    Oh, now, who gave them the right

    I wanna know now

    That song was personal

    Because I wrote it for you

    It’s yours and mine, girl

    I don’t care if it

    Makes the charts, y’all, no

    I only wrote it for you and me

    They think they’re so smart

    Yes, they do

    They’re not as smart

    As they want to be

    Who told them to mess with my

    Oh, now, who gave them the right

    I wanna know

    That song was personal

    Whoa, I wrote it for you

    It’s yours and mine

    Yeah, yeah, oh, oh

  4. jimlarso2006@yahoo.com

    This woman claims to be an attorney while claiming to be shy, and giggling like a school girl while she discusses murder. This sounds suspicious to me. In a quick search of Seattle lawyers, she could not be located at a firm. Also, she provides some very erroneous information here.

    There is a claim that the Beatles stopped touring at their height and that they enjoyed touring. This is far from the truth. They hated touring by this time and had major issues in Japan, the Philippines and the US.

    She cites this August 66 interview as the first appearance of “Faul” because he touches his face. Watch the interview. John touches his face twice as many times and shakes his leg. She claims “Faul” uses his right hand instead of his left. Yet he wears his watch on his right hand (like a lefty), writes and opens a package with his left hand.

    Where is her evidence that Charles Manson wrote Helter Skelter? She claims this song is in direct contradiction to the anti-LSD and uplifting song Tomorrow Never Knows.

    Yet Tomorrow Never Knows is about the Tibetan Book of the Dead that was promoted by the CIA’s Timothy Leary who she herself denounces. Leary wrote The Psychedelic Experience, A manual based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead, with Ralph Metzner, Ph.D., & Richard Alpert, Ph.D. From Wikipedia:

    The book (The Psychedelic Experience) is dedicated to Aldous Huxley and includes a short introductory citation from Huxley’s book The Doors of Perception. Part of this text was used by the Beatles in the song TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS.

    She cites Helter Skelter as proof that of Paul was replaced in 66 by “Faul” and the Beatles stopped singing about love. Really? Hasn’t she heard of the All You Need is LOVE, WORLDWIDE broadcast of 1967?!!! She claims “Faul” said Helter Skelter represented the fall of the Rome Empire? Wasn’t the fall of Rome a good thing?

    How is it that Satanist Charles Manson was reportly obsessed with the Beatles in 1964, three years before the “Faul” change in the band?

    She cites Heather Mills’ secret. Mills could be talking about anything from addiction to fraud to incest to God knows. Just because it’s a secret it doesn’t have to be that it means Paul is “Faul.”

    The “Paul” Beatles denounced money according to Tina. Yet they recorded “Money” a song idolizing Mammon while the “Faul” Beatles recorded “Baby You’re a Rich Man”, a highly cynical look at wealth. True of false?.

    It’s Just Another Day sounds like Yesterday. Wow! You mean an artist wrote a song that sounded like a song he wrote previously? Heard of Chuck Berry? Every song he wrote sounded like every other one he wrote. Maybe he’s dead!

    In another radio broadcast she denounces what she calls Zionism. Interestingly she says nothing about it in this interview. To quote a child molester like John Todd who had zero credibility should be enough to discredit this woman. Todd was a collaborator of Jack T. Chick (Jesus The Christ in his mind) a huge supporter of Zionism. Why would she trust Todd?

    It is as though these people: Foster, Iamaphoney, 999Nowhereman are being put up by the Anglo-American power structure think tanks to daze and confuse young people, the way they promoted the sex, drugs and rock culture, led by the MBE awarded Beatles with PAUL, prior to 1966. They could also be on the payroll of Paul McCartney, a guy with
    a giant ego who can’t envision a world where he is not loved and worshipped as
    a teen idol untill he stops breathing.

    Nether the less, Don’t believe bullshit! Paul is not Jesus. He didn’t die for your sins. Reject the Anglo-American promoting Beatles cult and their fake crucified messiah!

    Plastic Macca is cacca!

  5. eddy

    who wrote the songs

    Let it Be- Billy Preston
    My Sweet Lord- Billy Preston

    While My Guitar Gently Weeps Wah Wah- Eric Clapton

    Beware of Darkness- Leon Russell

    Long and Winding Road- Jimmy Webb

    Mull of Kintyre-Denny Laine (co write credit)

    There is no great McCartney ballad after Revolver

  6. eddy

    who wrote the songs?
    Let it Be- Billy Preston

    While My Guitar Gently Weeps- Eric Clapton

    Beware of Darkness- Leon Russell

    Long and Winding Road- Jimmy Webb

    I’m thinking Leon Russell may have been a ghost writer for other bands -Jumping Jack Flash, ( Maybe Dylan’s Watching the River Flow, which he produced and plays piano on), and even Wild Horses (he’s doing it live recently..why? not enough of his own tunes?)

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  8. Jan Erik Hansen

    Sean Lennon was born in New York City
    on October 9, 1975, his father’s 35th birthday. He holds English and
    Irish descent on his father’s side and Japanese descent on his mother’s
    side. Julian Lennon is his half-brother and Kyoko Chan Cox is his half-sister. After Sean’s birth, John became a house husband, doting on his young son until his murder in 1980. Sean attended kindergarten in Tokyo,[1] and was also educated at the exclusive private boarding school Institut Le Rosey in Rolle, Switzerland

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