Jesse flips

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Governor Jesse Ventura

Governor Jesse Ventura (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All I can credit Jesse for is coming on Howard Stern and drawing me into the whole psyop.

He is a persuasive speaker – with charisma.

His first two seasons of Conspiracy Theory had some grains of gold – and were entertaining.

His latest season is completely off the rails – making those that believed in his shows look foolish.

Apparently he’s completely flipped and is backing the Sandy Hoax.

Jesse Ventura denounces Sandy Hook conspiracy theorists – CharlotteLibertarian news |

Thanks for the ride Jesse! It was fun while it lasted (not long).

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American Citizen
8 years ago

I saw your other post on Thrive and it sure looks like all the assets are being leveraged to give credibility to the fake Sandy Hook event. One good thing though. Now we know Jesse and Thrive are just puppets. No need to listen to them anymore.