On mini nukes

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I’m always baffled why Mr. Evidence talks about suitcase nukes as if they were proven fact. Not only are nukes unproven sorcery but the idea that they could be placed in a suitcase or purse are equal to in my opinion. IF they existed wouldn’t they be far more problematic to keep out of the wrong hands?

I’ll go one further: let’s have a debate on whether nukes exist at all. Since we know we are being lied to, why take anything those that rule over us as fact? The evidence of is that of firebombing. 

To.think that a nuke (if it existed) could be carried around in a suitcase is simple sorcery. What’s next? Merlin walking around with a magic wand disappearing buildings? 

The Real Deal with Jim Fetzer podcast: Jim Fetzer / Kevin Barrett.

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