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Is there any chance this is a real story? How many more gun stories are we going to get? They’re coming so fast I can’t keep up. Why is this guy smiling in every picture? Why do all comments degenerate into guns/no guns and left/right? The real people here (if there are any) need to see  they are being played – fake (like a movie) events being used to divide and conquer. Learn more at Educate yourself before you worry yourself too much.

Big Bear Couple Reportedly Held Hostage During Home-Invasion « CBS Los Angeles.

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1 thought on “Comment on rogue cop story

  1. American Citizen

    I believe that most of the comments on the shooting articles are posted by shills. Hard to imagine but probably true that there are people paid to sit in cubicles and post fake comments. At a minimum the shills lead off with the staged left/right comments to bait those still trapped in the matrix to respond. The gun control debate is just so blatantly contrived that its almost nauseating to watch. I cannot believe I used to fall for all this fakery.

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