JFK psyop

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English: Bill and Jean Newman and their childr...

English: Bill and Jean Newman and their children fall on the grass north of Elm Street seconds after the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, , believing that they are in the line of fire. Photographing them are Tom Craven and Tom Atkins. On the grass at right is Cheryl McKinnon. (Photo credit: )

There are very few places online that consider the JFK media event a – where it’s possible that wasn’t killed.

The events in Dealey Plaza were a Psy-Op

The ‘shots’ and JFK’s ‘headwound’ were simulated, the purpose was to create an immense MYTH in plain sight.

via The “JFK-MURDER” was a STAGED EVENT / JFK wasn’t “KILLED” on 11/22/63! – Let’s Roll Forums.

As I’ve said on radio.abirato.info, radiofetzer.blogspot.com has convinced me in his method that JFK is a junior version of . All the minor media 0;evidence” that Jim gets stuck on and takes a real leads me to believe it’s all a distraction from the main point: that the whole event was faked, from patsy to all media (culminating in the JFK movie).

I’ll admit there aren’t too many places to confirm my views, but since ever major media event should be looked at with suspicion, why not this one?

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1 thought on “JFK psyop

  1. Pierce Scrim

    The reason there aren’t many places to confirm your views is that the generation of those days was even more gullible than later ones. There had been no preceding faked event of this magnitude. Add to this that 11/22 was a _personal_ trauma to many: people around the world, raised to believe the murdered man was a good doer, felt they knew him (which they didn’t).

    All this has put, right from the start, a block on people’s psyche. In no way would even the slightest thought arise in their mind that what they were shown was a lie. This is a characteristic of this particular happening that rings through till this day.

    11/22 was a psyop though, with the same old actors in the interviews and with the same old actors in the field (Dealey Plaza). With the same old faked photos and faked film. Zapruder et al.

    Ab Irato in a previous comment on the jfk murder wrote: All the anomalies in the evidence proves to me that they were intentionally placed to keep researchers spinning FOREVER.

    Very much so.

    Don’t get sucked into endlessly analyzing photos, comparing films, discussing technicality after technicality, researching into the look-alikes called Lee Oswald and Harvey Oswald, into The Umbrella Man, The Dark Complected Man, The Black Dog Man, the train wagon behind the pergola, the train wagon not behind the pergola, etc. etc. etc. etc.
    These _are_the planted anomalies.

    If an event shows to be unsolvable, that event never happened in the first place.



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