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Random fakery thoughts

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So much fakery this week.

Simon wonders, like I do, why the controlled opposition won’t even fake acknowledge it after all these years. It’s just so obvious!

I’ll sign off now, but let me submit one last, very simple question to you, Morgan : have you never watched a special fx Hollywood movie – such as Independence Day (1999)? I’m sure that you have. So, was Hollywood incapable of entirely creating (by digital means) the WTC tower collapses – as seen on TV in 2001? Of course not. Therefore, we cannot use any Hollywood imagery to make any sort of “scientific conclusions” – such as those put forth by this Judy Wood character.

Independence Day – White House Destruction – YouTube.

vatican lightning

independance day picture



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Asteroid? Ya sure

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Too many occult numbers for this story to be believable- not to mention it’s a NASA story. I like how they work Disney into the story.


Is this picture the best the photo fakers can do? Seriously…

Asteroid arrives for extra-close flyby – Yahoo! News Canada ca.news.yahoo.com/asteroid-arr…?.tsrc=samsungwn&.sep=table

Of course clues has a link to this badly faked event (don’t Russians get the good camera phones?)


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Comment on Fed Up With Fetzer

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Looks like old “friends” are fighting again.

I’ve always enjoyed hearing Dr. Reynolds on Fetzer. One of the best, most logical and thoughtful guests. To that end I don’t think I’ve heard him address complete media fakery, ie. all images and video of 9/11 were done in a studio. What we saw the towers do that day was complete Hollywood fakery. All the fighting between so-called “truthers” is distraction from the real point: that this psyop is orchestrated from left to right, top to bottom.

Fed Up With Fetzer

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