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Looks like old 0;friends” are fighting again.

I’ve always enjoyed hearing Dr. Reynolds on Fetzer. One of the best, most logical and thoughtful guests. To that end I don’t think I’ve heard him address complete media , ie. all images and video of were done in a studio. What we saw the towers do that day was complete Hollywood fakery. All the fighting between so-called “” is distraction from the real point: that this is orchestrated from left to right, top to bottom.

Fed Up With Fetzer

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  1. Pierce Scrim

    Image-and-media fakery is THE thing the bulk of people miss out on.
    It has therefore proven to be a very powerful weapon for the perps.
    Researchers however who do not recognize this fakery cannot be taken seriously.

    Once you see ‘through’ the faked images (stills and video), you will never go back.
    Download a video from NASA and see the ‘astronauts’ stumbling and tumbling around on the ‘moon surface’, hear them speaking nonsensical texts, aimlessly carrying around ridiculous ‘scientific’ devices.

    Even when you have believed it all (as I did for many, many years because I never really looked), suddenly, without your doing, you pierce through their scrim. They are a BUNCH OF CLOWNS. No more, and probably less.

    Then you realize: if this (the manned moon landings) is faked, what else is??
    Then you look at the 9/11 images. No need telling what your conclusion will be.

    Once you after that learn about signal pictures, especially color coding (the infamous 3 and 4-color-only images: red, black, white and preferably Celeste blue) you, even if there is not a girl or guy in a horizontally striped polo shirt in the picture, see without effort just how much of what the media present to us is a scam. The ‘fighting’ ‘truthers’ included.


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