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I don’t have a clear position on vaccines.

This video sure doesn’t help.

What does vaccination have to do with truth and ? Well, the entire allopathic medical system depends on what they call scientific research and peer reviewed study. Perhaps, like everything, it’s time to question how that works. Do we know all the truth? Is anything being suppressed for profit?


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1 thought on “Vaccines

  1. anthonycarallo

    I think they are a hoax as far as preventing disease and that they cause a lot of sicknesses that there are no explanations for. The purpose is to keep us as unhealthy cash cows dependent on the medical industry. I think their ingredients can cause brain and emotional damage and different forms of the diseases they are supposed to prevent. Most of what I believe about this comes from personal observation. I remember some of these illnesses from childhood and they were not deadly. They were also on their way out of the population. They became less and less strong with every generation.
    I just saw someone posting about getting “free” Obamacare and the first thing he did was get a bunch of vaccines. (real person) Everyone chimed in with little stabs at conspiracy theorists, etc…It occurred to me that is what the purpose of Obamacare is- to make sure everyone gets these shots. I know that the flu vaccine does not work, I talked to someone who got really sick after he had one, several times. Just look at the ingredients. I’m not going to give links, although there is a researcher named Jim West.

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