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9/11 on Breakfast

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Simon points out another hidden 9/11 “coincidence” in one of my favorite bands ever album cover, Supertramps’ Breakfast in America. We use a ‘tramp song in our closing bumper at radio.abirato.info. www.cluesforum.info/viewtopic….

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Argo, Iran, and the real story

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Late Ayatollah Khomeni

Late Ayatollah Khomeni (Photo credit: humbleslave)

English: Shah of Iran and Empress Farah

English: Shah of Iran and Empress Farah (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jimmy Carter

Cover of Jimmy Carter

Just saw the Oscar nominated Argo movie.

Of course, with my new 9/11 glasses on, I wondered what really happened in Iran. I do remember Canada playing a pivotal role in the drama, and getting lots of accolades.

I remember an evil Shah being kicked out by a mad Mullah. Of course, I remember that Reagan came in and saved the day, doing what Carter could not – free the hostages. How convenient for a new President!

So, a little research got me to this site:

37. By August, pro-Bush CIA official George Cave was visiting Iran to provide intelligence briefings to Khomeinis aides, especially Yazdi and Entezam. These intelligence exchanges continued until October 31, the day Carter fired Bush and the 800 agents. Then with all the Iranian officials who had restored order in the first Embassy seizure eliminated, the stage was set for what happened four days later.38. On November 4, 1979, the U.S. Embassy was taken again. Leading the charge was none other than Ambassador Sullivans trusted Mashallah Kashani, the Embassys once and former security chief.With the evidence and documentation supplied by Mansoor, the alleged October Surprise would not have been necessary. President Carter was the target, in revenge for the Halloween Massacre, the night 800 CIA operatives and George Bush were fired by Carter. The man thrust, however, was to prevent a communist takover of Iran on the Shahs anticpated death

via Blog: The real Iranian hostage story from the files of Fara Mansoor – Wake Up From Your Slumber.

Perhaps this isn’t the real story, but it makes a lot more sense than what we are told.

While the movie is entertaining to a degree, I wonder how many take it as the truth, and how many might look into how such an ancient and important nation has been tossed around and manipulated by the world’s powers (via their intelligence agencies and those that control them).

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