Cluesforum downtime?

Be the 1st to vote. was very quiet for the past 24 hours. From 50 posts a day to 3-4 is odd, and Simon seems to agree.

simonshack wrote:


Yesterday (February 2013), for the first time since its inception, not one single post was posted on (I refrained from posting myself – just to see how this would play out – as I started noticing this unprecedented ‘phenomena’). This morning, our member Gracist ‘broke the spell’ by posting in the “Pope Resigns”thread (maybe we should thank the Pope for this little ‘miracle’ – hehe!)

I’m sure, like all critics of the research here like to say, it’s just a coincidence.

It could also be a good indicator for you Simon from them telling you when you’ve hit one out of the park.

Perhaps you should highlight these flagged by them posts to the good readership here so they know they’re reading something very close to the



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