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Andy, I think your analysis is quite good and very insightful. You appear to have an excellent handle on this grand scheme, perhaps more than most of the commenters I’ve read anywhere. I think the more people realize the extent of the fakery the less fear will be produced/induced. I’m going to mention your prose on my show tonite: I hope you can call in and further elaborate.

via The Real Deal with Jim Fetzer podcast: John Friend.

Andy’s comment (excerpted):

Perhaps by now Dr. Fetzer has “written off” the most outspoken of the massive-fakery adherents because of their overbroad, sweeping, fantastical assertion that “EVERYTHING conspiratorial is fake… including the Kennedy killings”. Well, if the maxim holds that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proofs, then there is far more evidence available today that the digital images and victims of 9/11 are MOSTLY false than there is that the Kennedy brothers did not die at all in 1963 and 1968, Yes, there was a huge amount of deception surrounding those game-changing, war-enabling removals from power of nearly a half-century ago, but the prime objective of those two bloody 1960s “removals” was to expand, and then continue, the obscene profitability of the interlocked power structures of munitions/drugs/banking. (The objective was certainly NOT to provide “early retirements” for a pair of sexually obsessed satyrs, who could then devote their remaining years to exclusively sybaritic pleasure. Nor was the objective simply to delight the clever plotters by “fooling the public” with an elaborate parlour game of charades.) 

Of course not. This was, and is, bottom line oriented, power politics, played for the exclusive benefit of the already super-rich. And the brothers represented a maverick, rival faction, within the power elite, that opposed the expansion of a war that was ALREADY underway (from the time, during the Eisenhower years, that the USA first replaced France as the shepherd of the Southeast Asian heroin trade). 

In the decades (of deception) that followed, Afghanistan-sourced heroin became even more vital to the Western financial elite than Southeast Asian-sourced smack, and thus arose the various American machinations to drive the Russians, and then the Taliban, out of “our” poppy fields. All this jockeying for position on “The Grand Chessboard” brilliantly culminated in the massively fraudulent cassus belli of 9/11 which, since it was set to occur on a “mystical” date drenched in masonic/satanic symbolism and was profitably tarted up with numerous, in-your-face, Zionist connections, was immediately understood — all across the many and diverse factions of elite power — as an uber-sacred narrative NEVER TO BE QUESTIONED in “polite society”.


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