JFK was never killed

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Clear and concise.

1. Pick a location

JFK Assasination Zapruder Film

Assasination Zapruder Film (Photo credit: e-strategyblog.com)

2. Empty all high rise buildings surrounding the location

3. Fill location with actors

4. Simulate 0;assassination” at given time/location

5. Capture on film

5. Manipulate/edit film

6. Feed footage to the public, replay head shot over and over and over…..

Sound familiar? How many times did the media play the September 11th crashes?

– Imagine if the 9.11 footage was missing as many frames as the JFK footage

– What if we only had 1 angle of the plane crashes from 9.11?

Conspiracy theorists would go insane.

Both events accomplished the same result.

1. Fear

2. People questioning if our own government had a role in the event

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3 thoughts on “JFK was never killed

  1. lux

    Look at this press photo of JFK supposedly in the motorcade in Dallas that day:


    Obviously a crudely faked, composite photo — look at how cut-and-paste the onlookers appear, the inconsistent shadows, etc.

    This photo was run heavily by all the major media outlets at the time and even appears on the wikipedia’s JFK Assassination page.

    Now, why would someone go to all the trouble of creating a fake photo like this if JFK was really there in that motorcade in Dallas that day? There would be a zillion opportunities to shoot a real photo yet they had to create this fake?

    I don’t think JFK was even in Dallas that day, or at least not near Dealey Plaza.

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