Review of The Last Days of the Big Lie

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Director Steven Spielberg speaking at the Pentagon on August 11, 1999. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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The Last Days of the Big Lie – YouTube.

My meandering research has led me to WW2/Hitler, as mentioned previously. This movie is an expose of Spielberg’s movie, with a few apparently fairly easy debunks of some of the testimonials of the 0;death” camps.

has clearly opened up an unfortunate can of historical worms. Hitler and the Holocaust are well protected and guarded stories that cannot be looked into in any detail in Germany and many other Eurozone countries (I believe). The punishment is prison.

This is more than enough reason for a contrarian to research it. However, it is almost like smoking or drinking and driving: it has been made to be anti-social and anti-societal. How could this be? What power those that control us have made this topic verboten.

Could this happen to research? It doesn’t seem possible now, but with 0;hate” speech laws in place and being put in place, it seems it’s entirely possible.

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