Comment on Cuomo Announces Plans To Modify Gun Control Law To Exempt Hollywood « CBS New York

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Wish I could figure out how works. My comment was buried near the bottom of 500 comments when I accessed the page from another browser. That’s why I post them here for your enjoyment.

Politics=Hollywood. The two feed on each other. The US has only a few industries left

Hollywood Sign

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: movies, arms, pharma and agra. Nobody messes with the big guns – they help write the laws! Don’t click my profile if you want to find out more..

Cuomo Announces Plans To Modify Gun Control Law ToExempt Hollywood « CBS New York.

Update: you can change the order of comments on disqus. Nothing to worry about. Click on the discussion drop down menu.

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7 thoughts on “Comment on Cuomo Announces Plans To Modify Gun Control Law To Exempt Hollywood « CBS New York

  1. Pierce Scrim

    Ab, you say: Wish I could figure out how… works.”

    Well, me too. I registered yesterday only because you thought it would avoid the annoying “your comment is awaiting moderation”. It didn’t. (The ‘awaiting moderation’ thing later turned out to be caused by your own setting). Anyhow, the tardiness of disqus before ones post becomes visible makes one think that the comment has not been processed at all.

    Me deleting the account today (also because I do not see the use of it), it says:
    “We completely remove all of your data when you delete your account. While we do retain your comments for context purposes, your comments are completely anonymized to remove all traces of your personal information”.

    So your comments are kept. I hate that when you want to delete something.
    What is this Disqus? Yet another NWO data collector if you ask me.

    It also says that it takes 48 hours before your account is deleted. Well, that’s much better than the ridiculous 360 days of a Hotmail account, irony intended (why are accounts not deleted immediately?), but look at this comment by an disqus ex-user:
    “Moreover, there’re question about Disqus integrity. I tried to delete my Disqus profile 10 times and every times Disqus system confirmed that my profile will be deleted within 48 hours. But it never happened. Ridiculous”

    A long list of complaints by other (ex)users follows:…



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