Comment on North Korea’s Kim Jong-un watches basketball with Dennis Rodman: ‘You have a friend for life’ | Toronto Star

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The whole meme that we are at war with NKorea or is ridiculous. While Rodman is 0;Hollywood” to most people, to me the world leaders, even the acknowledged villains, are actors too. They are the evil puppets created by TPTB to create fear and loathing among the serfs of the west. We have more to fear at the supermarket parking lot than from two so called “axis of evil” leaders.

Why do people continue to believe that North Korea is the enemy? How about Iran? The fact is, the “axis of evil” slogan, created by our own David Frum, is nothing more than that. It is to divide and conquer and create fear. To think we are at war or at odds with these two nations is ludicrous. I put more stock in Dennis Rodman’s visit than any of the actors we call politicians.

North Korea’s Kim Jong-un watches basketball with Dennis Rodman: ‘You have a friend for life’ | Toronto Star.

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8 thoughts on “Comment on North Korea’s Kim Jong-un watches basketball with Dennis Rodman: ‘You have a friend for life’ | Toronto Star

  1. Jan Erik

    Tavistock Invented What You Should Believe

    You have been “injected” in every phase of life with pre-formed beliefs about the nature of self, others and reality. Your mundane and spiritual experiences are contrived and controlled. There is no position you can occupy in the system without being affected. Now they want your genetic identity, as well. Crisis and transitions create confusion which makes us mentally vulnerable to imposed trance states.

    The First waves from Tavistock were Freudian analysis and behavioral clinical psychology. R.D. Lang trained at the Institute. Kurt Lewin’s Group Dynamics led to the Human Potential Movement with Esalan and the transpersonal psychologies which describe generic categories for myth and religions and spiritual experience.

    Lewin’s equation said behavior was a function of the person and the environment, so they exerted maximal control on both with social psychology. The individual exists in dynamic tension with a field of coexisting factors and forces. There are behaviorial differences in how we work out the tension between our self-image and the environment or ‘life space.’ All methods have heavy trance-forming and hypnotic transactions embedded within them. They carry the aura of the shaman and the “white coat” mystique of medicine.

    With therapeutic authority, they define what is sick, divergent or deviant behavior, what is socially acceptable, and what is insane. This system, coupled with the beliefs of science builds consensus reality and generates a worldview or paradigm, which in turn controls individual beliefs, thoughts, emotions, feelings and behavior.

    Jung’s Tavistock Lectures on Analytical Psychology provided a blueprint of the mind – psychological types, levels of the psyche and archetypes of the personal and collective unconscious. Knowledge of psychological types and the multi-layered psyche made categorized profiling of character types possible.

    Jung’s theory of the complex made word association tests, biofeedback and lie detectors a reality applied to law enforcement and interrogation. Jung’s dream research was used to target iconic dream imagery that could be injected into media, advertising and beliefs. His theories of the Shadow, or collective adversary, and projection have been used to conjure up enemies and scapegoats.…

  2. Jan ERik

    He is not so good at rethoric without a teleprompter.
    It seems its harder ti lie without it !

    1. Pierce Scrim

      You’re correct about the teleprompter. If these clowns have to think for themselves in any way concerning society and politics they are at a complete loss. Those are the moments they give themselves away: that they are not politicians at all, but (programmed) actors.

      1. Jan ERik

        Yes that is logical conclution. Trough observation.

        Its just a stageplay for the serfs who sadly have been scietificly made ignorant belivers in what is presented on the theatre on display.

        1. Pierce Scrim

          No doubt this conditioning is exercised upon the masses through scientifically devised methods. The question is, what makes people (the perps) do this? Is it wealth and power as you said in Ep26 or is it deeper, like I think you mean when you write (in a comment to Ep26): “The main issue for me is to study the Causality of what is happening.”
          For the largest part of my life I’ve held the position that evil finds its roots in ego. Or better: the illusion of ego. A la U.G. Krishnamurti ( ).

          As of lately, I’m leaving this position. Once I found out that all roads lead to Rome and then remembered that the Big Bang theory stems from a Jesuit, there’s no more reason to think anything could be correct about this hypothesis. All these people are capable of is deceit. Once I saw that there were freemasons behind Darwin, his evolution hypothesis became extremely doubtful to me.

          What ‘remains’ then, is creation. I’m coming to this not only via negation as above, but by looking at nature directly: the intelligence of it and the interdependence within it. And if there is creation, the Shadow (not as by Jung, but as by the Old Book) becomes plausible. In other words: does evil root from men, or are we mere tools of another instance, the one mentioned in that book.

          1. Jan Erik

            Yes i agre with your deductive resoning on your answer.
            Its a strange world and i find the prince by Machiavelli a good source for understanding the evil mindset of the oligcarcy who are owning this satanic fictional matrix system that most peoples mind are imprisoned by 😀

          2. Pierce Scrim

            In chapter 17 (Cruelty vs. Mercy) of The Prince, Machiavelli says: If too generous, the generosity will not be valued and the prince will be taken advantage of. Therefore it is better to be a feared prince than to be a loved prince.

            And that’s what I mean Jan. There is not only a cruel ruler, but the ruled are cruel as well: as soon as the prince (or anybody else for that matter) is generous, the ruled take advantage of him. This means that there’s evil within many (all?) of us.

            Where does this have its origin?

  3. Pierce Scrim

    They sure are _all_ actors.

    The world is as phony as can be. Once upon a time when our eyes were looking without seeing we thought it was all real: The elections, the political stage, the world affairs.
    It’s a stage play. The actors and play writers, before the start of Take 1, looking from behind the scrim laughing at the audience in its state of delusion.

    Except for an individual here and there, the audience never wakes up. They are in Plato’s cave.
    If the actor falters, the mesmerized think the politician is just having a bad day. They’ll go out voting for him. Twice even. Just to return to their cave thereafter.


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