Ep30:JFK Fakery

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8 thoughts on “Ep30:JFK Fakery

  1. Jan Erik Hansen

    The psyops are driven within a strategy of TENTION twoards the method of aplying angsciety in the the populations subconcious

  2. Jan Erik Hansen

    The First Act of a Drama is usually to establish the main characters,
    their relationships and the pressing controversy that confronts the main
    character (Protagonist). The first act usually ends upon the “first
    dramatic turning point” where the full crucible facing the Protagonist

    is laid bare by the Antagonist.

    The Second Act of a Drama, also referred to as “rising action”, normally sees the Protagonist respond to the crucible in some form of defence of attack. However, the efforts only normally make things worse as the Antagonist(s) appear superior
    in skill, in knowledge, while the Protagonist struggles to find their
    competence that can only be solved through a higher sense of self
    awareness, or “epinoia”.

    The Third and Final Act of a Drama sees the resolution of the story. The
    climax, also known as the “second dramatic turning point” is when all
    the outstanding threads of the story are brought to their most intense
    moment and the key question(s) resolved, leaving the protagonist and
    other characters with the benefit of knowledge of hindsight and self awareness.

    Unlike other forms of fiction, Drama in the classic Greek style of
    tragedy often ends with the Protagonist suffering some great loss,
    sacrifice, punishment or even death at the end of the Third Act.

  3. Jan Erik Hansen

    Conscious psychic life is only a small part of psychic life. It is governed by psychological processes which are

    unconscious and therefore not under the control of the conscious. All psychic phenomena, no matter how

    meaningless they may appear, like dreams, slips of the tongue, forgetting and misplacing things, the absurd

    utterances of mental patients, they all have a function and a “meaning” and can be understood from the history of

    the individual. In this way, psychology—which up to that time had led a miserable existence in the form of a kind

    of physics of the brain (“brain mythology”) or as a teaching of a mysterious objective spirit—became part of

    natural science.


  4. Pierce Scrim

    If Culto is anything like his jfk investigation and its conclusion, we are in for a treat: Straightforward and refreshing.

    Not only do I applaud him for his sharp eye, but also for his natural insight into the manner of things which kept him from stepping into the many mud pools that were laid in and around Dealey Plaza, in spite of the good weather that day.


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