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Lady Di psyOp?

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English: Diana, Princess of Wales, at the Cann...

English: Diana, Princess of Wales, at the Cannes film festival. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our last guest Culto did a terrific job on the JFK psyOp and describing psyOps in general. He will be back at some point to talk about this new thread:

Lady DIANA SPENCER, A Limo And An Underpass: What Happened? – Let’s Roll Forums.

You may wish to read over it and get ready for this upcoming show.

Like past psyops that we all thought were just under-explained and under-investigated events, this one has always been a leading head scratcher for me.

Does a psyOp best explain it? Did Lady Di just want out from the limelight – and this was the best way to do it?

Is she living happily ever after – in peace – in Patagonia or a military island in the S. Pacific?

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