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Where does the power lie?

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Chris has some good shows. Here’s one that goes deep into the world power structure, with info on the Vatican, the Pope and the Jesuits. You have to skip to the three hour mark to find the part I mentioned.

What Did Pope John Paul II’s Funeral Reveal?



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Why the symbolism is psyops?

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What’s with the magic (occult) numbers and symbols. Hoi explains.

It’s the same argument about why there are striped shirts during public political “murder” PsyOps, why certain symbols, numbers, icons, and indexes keep appearing over and over.

It draws our attention. It keeps us supporting everything else. We cannot question the one little story because it means letting go of the others that follow it. It becomes more subconsciously difficult to ‘let go’ of the millions of other PsyOps because they all follow the same “science” (coincidental numbers, clothings, character names, etc. etc.)


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