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English: Sky blue and blue striped t-shirt Italiano: Maglia a strisce blucelesti (Photo credit: )

All seeing eye

All seeing eye (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Always trying to figure out the why, since we’re all pretty aware of the how. Since the 9s,11s,77s,93s,175s,3s,5s,6s are always somehow interlaced with the stripped blue shirts and the various hand signs and symbols (all seeing eye, etc.), one has to wonder the psychological reasoning for this. We know they are going for our subconscious in order manipulate us into places of fear so we lose our ability to reason. Perhaps these are the triggers that lead our brains there. We know they put these subliminals there, and we look for them. Just this simple relationship of sharing these dirty little secrets gives them power.

Here’s a post that I’ll add to my pile of good explanations:

To me its a redundancy. It doesn’t need to affect the masses, because they’re already covered. It’s a fallback designed to affect those who might not be otherwise affected. There are going to be a certain number of individuals who are going to dissent against your fabricated story. To manage them, you throw in this stuff. There was a saying when I went to college, 0;If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit” (excuse the language but that is how the saying goes) and I think that’s the operating principle here.

It seems to neutralize opposition in three main ways.

– As a red herring. The majority of the energy of inquiry is diverted into meaningless nonsense and speculation which can never produce results.

– As a false display of power and competence. It tends to lead people to attribute supernatural powers beyond comprehension to the perpetrators. There is no point in resisting these people in any tangible or earthly way, not with their cosmic superpowers. That is an intended perception meant to neutralize the opposition from any practical resistance.

– To discredit. Finally, it prevents the spread of opposition, by ensuring the body of the opposition attracts and adopts absurd characters and viewpoints, ensuring it remains contained and takes its place as a fringe element, with zero chance of becoming mainstream or populist resistance.

Given that we can actually see all these effects actually are taking place, and given that we can see how this can be achieved through the use of these techniques, there is no need to invent any more fantastical motivations or purposes here. Occam’s razor neatly slices all that out. What we’re left with is rather more mundane and less impressive than we would be led to believe, but what else can be expected from seeing through these techniques? There is a sense of disappointment here, akin to Dorothy discovering the little old man operating the illusion of the god-king of Oz. But that disappointment should be expected, in searching for the truth.

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