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One of my favorite podcasters, Humble Howard, has brought up on his podcasts. Rarely does a mainstream media personality talk about 9/11 in a frank way.

I decided to try and talk to him to convince him to consider media fakery.

I’m not sure if I was able convince him, but here’s hoping he mentions it on his daily podcast.


Ep32-Humble Howard | radio.abirato.info.

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3 thoughts on “Ep32-Humble Howard | radio.abirato.info

  1. Markus Allen


    I just listened to this interview. And it was frustrating (not your fault).

    I admire your persistence…

    … However this reminds me of my old money-grubbing mentor who always told me, “Mark, you’re stepping over dollars to pickup pennies.”

    This guy is military, in the entertainment industry AND in the media. Not good. He’s playing like he’s interested in this, but I’m certina he’s just playing the role.

    He’s is nothing more than a lessor-known Howard Stern.

    Instead, why not swim where the fish are swimming?

    For example, Chris Kendall has over 200,000 views of this video:

    And every where I look these days, the overwhelming ratio of comments on blogs, news articles etc. show that people are beginning to react to the obvious. These people are looking for you – almost begging to gobble up what you’ve painstakingly discovered about life.

    This is VERY exciting. Because not even a year ago, only a tiny of a percentage of comments would have the guts to comment against psyop.

    Why not take your audios and upload 3 to 7 minute clips to YouTube were the fish are swimming? That’s the direction I’m going and so far so good.

    This interview actually angered me a lot. Because this guy is a clown – pretending to show interest. If he was truly interested, he would have BEGGED to ask your opinion about every objection.

    No real person puts a time limit on looking into this. No one.

    Real people invest hundreds or even thousands of hours listening… probing… watching – anything to find out how life really works. I’ve got one member of my site who has literally listened to every single second of my archives at least 3 times… sometimes as much as 10 times. He’s obsesses with finding out how life works…

    … He would never put a time limit on discovery.

    1. ab Post author

      Hi Mark,

      Appreciate your interest. I sincerely doubt Howard is military (if he is, we have nothing to worry about).

      Actually I have been uploading intros to my shows on youtube at www.youtube.com/user/radioabir…
      . Not really seeing much action, but I am aware of Chris’ outstanding stats. I even commented to him on one of his past audios a month or so ago. If I could just siphon off 1% of his viewers I’d be laughing.

      I am puzzled that Howard says he started looking into this in 2005 and is stalled at the pilots for truth. While I had a limited time to converse – you need hours to exchange the basic information – I was grateful for a few tidbits of time. Perhaps he’ll mention the show on his.

      The point was really to interview a radio friend. Since I do invest time listening to his show, as I told him, I feel a familiarity with him that seems genuine. While I take nothing at face value anymore, I was impressed that he followed through and gave me a few minutes.

      Hopefully I can get him back and see if he progresses further on 9/11. Baby steps! Thanks for listening and critiquing!


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