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Tribute in Light, 9/11/03

Tribute in Light, /03 (Photo credit: Brendan Loy)

North and South Holland shown together within ...

North and South Holland shown together within the Netherlands (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Come visit the Netherlands and learn about Pierce Scrim – at investigator who’s gone all the way.

Ep31:Pierce Scrim | radio.abirato.info.

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3 thoughts on “Ep31:Pierce Scrim | radio.abirato.info

  1. larry

    Dear Ab,
    I’m not sure what “thought” you’re referring to here. Is it that we shouldn’t talk to family, friends and acquaintances about total media fakery because they will think we’re kooky? Just keep it online?
    I’m not trying to discredit you Ab. Like you said of yourself, I don’t want anyone to believe me or to trust me or to follow me. I just want them to look and use their own brain and not depend on anyone else. One can’t make a horse drink, or a person think.
    I was accused today of not being a realist and being a “new age” thinker. First off, I think that if you get into a fight thinking you’re going to lose, you will probably lose. I think that I am pretty realistic about realizing that I’m in a fight. I’ll probably get hurt, and I probably won’t see the end of the fight, but I want to get a few punches in and contribute to the ultimate victory over the intra-species predators (psychopaths) amongst us. As for being a new ager, up until recently, in my 61 years, I’ve felt a condescension for religious sentiment, including new age thinking. More-so for new age thought; the power of positive thinking and the idea that we create our own reality. Of course, now, we all know that new age religion was just another control device created by the psi-operatives, like religion in general. However, now that I have an inkling of the mind boggling extent of evil in this world, I have much more sympathy and tolerance for religious minded people. I consider myself to be in a religion with one member. The main tenet is; do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I understand that this is a tenet of all of the world’s major religions (save one it seems). Considering the vileness of the TPTB, I understand why people would run to religion, as perhaps you and some of your guests have, to help cope with this terrible reality. I don’t think that TPTB are any smarter than the very smart and thoughtful people (including you) on your show. I hope that you are all for real, so please don’t take offence if I hold back a little trust. It is after all more important, more effective and more powerful if all of us “click” to the truth through our own critical thinking. That way, we can never go back. TPTB have one advantage, which is that most people don’t know that evil exists (by design). Only 5% are born with no empathy, and perhaps 20% are corrupted somewhat to their baseness but can be turned with the tide. Knowing of the hoaxes and their purpose goes hand in hand with knowing about the scary, evil people that control this world. It says in your banner, “Timendi causa est nescire”, which I find translates as “ignorance is the cause of fear”. I’m trying somewhat unsuccessfully to make sense of this. To me it makes more sense if it’s turned around. Fear is the cause of ignorance. We have to give the world the example of overcoming our fears to break the spells of ignorance (IMHO). Yes, people will think you’re a kook if you talk about “conspiracies”. And even if they do get a glimmering, as Pierce and Culto pointed out, a week later they’re back asleep. The psi-operatives know the importance of repetition in brain washing and hypnotizing. And they know about fear and how to work it. It shouldn’t surprise us that people go back to sleep. Since some of your listeners are searching the bible for guidance, I suggest they read about Jesus’ story of casting seeds. I would add to what Jesus had to say about it, by pointing out that seeds can also remain dormant until the conditions are right.
    After today’s show, I realized that I was wrong to accuse you in an earlier comment of being a gatekeeper. I don’t know all the truth. And I believe we need to work together with more congeniality than what I showed. I really just wanted to point out that fear and hopelessness are among the last gates to the truth getting out. I think the analogy I used (not mine) explains how TPTB think about it. Of course the enemy would want us to think that it’s hopeless to resist. Let me try to convince you that it’s not hopeless, and that TPTB are already running scared. An indication of this is how much attention they are paying to cluesforum. But the real reason I believe that they are scared is because I know that they have lackeys who are smart enough to know what an exponential function is. I used to joke that economists don’t understand math and don’t even know how to subtract. They understand very well that the people must be kept ignorant of the absurdity of an exponentially growing economy (especially when TPTB get to print the money). Our ignorance works very well to keep us in economic slavery. But back to the subject at hand. The exponential growth of the crowd of people who have “clicked” to the truth. I’ll use my own recent history as an example. I think it was towards the end of 2011 that I found septemberclues. So many of my previous clicks resulted from my looking where I wasn’t supposed to look. In the case of SC, I was curious what those crazy truth corrupting no-planers had to say. I was stunned at my first viewing and realized I had finally found some reality. (With loose change, I was immediately suspicious that those goofs could have produced such a slick doc. Simon was a welcome contrast to all the rest with his simple exposition, his cool intelligence and cool music). It took a few months of long hours at the computer (and an exercise regimen still blown to bits) to come to total fakery. The holohoax, the nuke hoax, the apollo hoax, all the shooting hoaxes, the aids hoax, the 911 hoax and many more. Is there anything at all on MSM (and alternative media) that isn’t a lie. The entire historiography of the last 3000 years is a lie. Even the time span of 3000 years is questionable. Again, I digress in preaching to the converted. Early on, I decided that I would make it a personal mission to point everyone I knew to the truth. I took some lessons from Simon, in that I wouldn’t push or insist, and I wouldn’t take offence with any reaction. At first, I thought I would be more successful. After all, it was a drunk high school dropout at a party, who, apparently not impressed by me, derisively said that I probably believed that man landed on the moon, which led me to look into it, and then led me to so much more. I was more friendly in my proselytism, but apparently less successful. Believe me, since that time, I have cast the seeds of truth (more correctly: doubt about the official stories) far and wide. Yes, some people do think I’m a little crazy. Only one became angry, probably because I pointed out that a neuron is not a sub atomic particle. And I shouldn’t have pushed the fact that the moon landing photos and videos are laughable (his sacred cow). Most people accept my “eccentricity” because most of the time I’m a considerate and respectful guy. In all that time since late 2011, I have only led one person to their click. Perhaps there might still be seeds lying dormant out there that will eventually sprout, but I don’t know. So let’s do some calculation. In a year and a half, my world of awake people jumped from one to two. A doubling. Assuming everyone who has clicked does the same as me, and spreads seeds far and wide, in another year and a half, there will be 4 people who have clicked. I’m guessing that you’re guessing where this is going. Just to make it explicit, starting with 2, how many doublings would it take to reach 7 billion? 32.7 is the answer I get. Heck, lets just say it would only take 31×1.5=46.5 years for almost half the people on the planet to have clicked. Would that be enough?
    One more thought. I think it’s important that we all make it personal and talk about this stuff in the real world (as opposed to the virtual internet world where everyone knows there is a lot of crazy stuff that is best avoided) JMVHO. It’s great that CF, your site, and all the rest exist, but to gain new proselytes, those seeds of doubt about the official stories first need to take root, and then they can find nourishment online. Finally, if I ever see that high school aged guy again, I will thank him profusely.

    1. ab Post author

      Good post Larry. I have known your views for a while. You’re not the only one that thinks we’re winning. Peter S. said the same thing on his episode here. I hope you’re all right. He keeps telling me that the tide is turning and any day a wide awakening will sweep over us.

      I do tell everyone who wants to listen about the parallel universe we’ve moved over to.

      Overall, I at least get listened to in real life – whether any of it sinks in for the long term is questionable. I do try.

      When I get just one real doubter to click and thank me for it, perhaps I’ll be even more optimistic.

      Did you listen to Humble Howard?


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