Luka Magnotta – PsyOp?

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This story is being heavily promoted in Canada.

Promoted stories worry me – especially the bizarre ones like this one.

While it appears this is a real person (actor) being paraded around on TV, did this happen as we are told?

Is this latest request for a publication ban an indication that this would be easier managed without inquiring (controlled) media?

Perhaps there’s not enough interest since this is Canada – but perhaps some psyOp investigators here could look into it.

Is it real?

Google imagery looks like a whole lot of photoshop:

Luka Magnotta’s defence requests media ban – Montreal – CBC News.

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2 thoughts on “Luka Magnotta – PsyOp?

  1. Apollonian Germ

    Yes! Absolutely a hoax! It seems like you’re the only person online who’s posted about this, so I hope you still check this blog and will reply… I just watched the Netflix “documentary” called “Don’t F*** With Cats” and it is about the Luka Magnotta fiction, and holy hell is it riddled with holes, inconsistencies, and outright absurdities… for instance, after the Montreal Police already identified Magnotta as a suspect in the killing of the asian guy, they knew somehow that he planned to take a plane to Paris… they tracked him to the airport, even knew he was wearing a wig and a mickey mouse shirt (which in itself is of symbolic significance) and yet they didn’t have him stopped at security? They knew what flight he was on as well, but didn’t have him arrested when the plane landed in Paris? They waited for him to leave the airport, only to call the company of the taxi he took?? They only then showed up at his hotel the next day to find he already “escaped”??? WTF?? How does anyone believe this crap? There are so many other examples I could write a whole essay here but I won’t.

    Anyway, just leaving this message with the hopes that we can have a chat about it. I have a youtube channel where I discuss conspiracies and elite propaganda, etc. so this stuff is of interest to me, and it’s great to see people like yourself saw through it even back in 2013 when this was posted.

    1. ab Post author

      Sure we can chat. Also, join our discord server and let’s talk! What’s your youtube channel?
      Most fakeologist leaning YT channels are wiped, so if yours is still standing, I get suspicious…
      I didn’t watch the Netflix show, but I know those that did. I rarely dig into Canadian psyOps as they are so blatantly false and underdeveloped. They rarely get any public traction either. Absolute fails.

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