Preconditioning time?

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Funny I was just talking to a listener/reader about predictive programming, preconditioning, or foreshadowing this morning. Now we have antigun clown Michael Moore calling for vicchildren slaughter photos.

The Photoshops at central must be in overdrive mode. Brace yourselves for some satanic gore to be 0;leaked” out.

Schlockumentary filmmaker Michael Moore isn’t pleased with the level of outrage or support for stronger following December’s massacre in Newtown, Connecticut. To gin this up further, he wants someone to release the pictures of the slaughtered children:

Michael Moore Calls For Photos of Slaughtered Newtown Kids to be Released | NewsBusters…

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2 thoughts on “Preconditioning time?

  1. jnel

    I’ll never forget when M.M. told Alex Jones(haha after AJ ragged on him eating and looking in the window with the camera)Paps everywhere and M.M told A.J., “it’s the american way”. I looked for the video and can’t find a clip… must have been an old Alex Jones video that’s long that I’m thinking of, that I saw years ago. I think he was asking Michael Moore about 911 yaknow, “why won’t you talk about it” bldg7. I believe AJ/MM works for ‘them’ whoever they are.


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