Chris calls Culto

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(Photo credit: Mike Jahn)

Chris Kendall talks to JFK researcher Culto. You can listen/download the show here: Like most Hoaxbusters calls, it’s four hours, so allot some time. Chris is slow and steady, but rock solid in his views. (as an aside, a listener told me he listens to Chris at 130% speed to get through the show in a reasonable time – no offense Chris!)

TalkShoe – Call – Hoax Busters.

Radio abirato interview with Culto

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3 thoughts on “Chris calls Culto

  1. Pierce Scrim

    > a listener told me he listens to Chris at 130% speed
    That was me, lol.

    Yes VLC has that handy option to speed up in steps of 10% (or 50% at once).

    By the way, there is something wrong with the recording. The error starts at 2:06:45 and continues (I believe) to the end. Talking to one of your listeners about this he thought it could be a compression error (so: with the original recording still intact). Sounds very plausible.

    I informed Chris and Culto about this. Maybe Chris can get it corrected.

    1. ab Post author

      Chris must have recorded using two channels. After his bathroom break I suspect he clipped the flushing and shifted his voice channel forward 30 seconds.

      Pierce I still say you have a great radio voice. You remind me of.Bill Vander Zalm, one of my favorite actors (politician). Look him up.

      1. Pierce Scrim

        Toilets with hush-flush needed 🙂

        I see that Vander Zalm (= Salmon) even talks about smart meters and has the same criticism I have!

        And yes: voice-wise I can hear why I remind you of him.

        Very amusing this. Thanks for pointing out.


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