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Unlucky #7

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The media’s never ending assault on Mexico continues unabated, to comic levels. Every number adds to 7. Can the fakery authors be any more in your face?

The super-concentration of the media has really only left 2 major collaborators for any news, AP and Reuters. It’s completely obvious now that you can’t get the real story, since there is in your face no competition. Your only option now is to discard what you here from official sources and be left wondering what’s going on. You really have no way of knowing. How do you like that feeling?

Gunmen kill 7 in Cancun bar as spring breakers party across town – NY Daily News.


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No guns psyops from the past

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The no one should have a gun psyops are coming fast and furious. This week’s second episode includes and 83 year old (8+3=11) who goes hunting without her hearing aid or glasses. Sounds likely. (Not!) Boy the psyop writers gave a good sense of humor.

Police gun down 83-year-old woman responding to 911 call she dialed – Daily News 

Check out wild granny’s photo(shop).

Update: this link was from David Icke’s twitter feed. While I am aware he is a gatekeeper, I am more annoyed that this story was from last September.

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