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Most of the net is on twitter and YouTube. This is where a majority get their clips of news. Both are horrible delivery systems of any depth of information. I call them drive-by outlets. You have a flash moment to get a point across. They are also loaded with disinformation and shillery, both professional and amateur.

Despite the bad review, I still linger there as that’s where the people are. I try (in vain usually) to engage victims of fakery. If we can flip one or two real (as if it was possible to tell) people to media fakery, then any effort is worth it.

To that end, I’ve been engaging (in vain) to get twitter user @PC0101 to open up to the fakery. If you are able, please engage @PC0101 with links to fakery. He claims the earth photos of cities at night (from the ISS) are taken with a Nikon camera and 400mm zoom.

I say there is no way a zoom lens could take these photos from 400km away. They (like all earth photos) are taken from a conventional spy plane maybe 10km up.  Anyone else who agrees let @PC0101 via twitter know or in the comments below.

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8 years ago

Really!? So far, I believe the moon landing was fake and no planes on Sept. 11, 2001. I also know that they stylise photos of anything and everything for no good reason…to sell? all about making things sparkle for show or for money? Doesn’t matter if it’s humans or not they photoshop it. I figured that’s how GPS works…navstar…concerning satillites. I HAVE seen the fake ISS videos with the bubbles meaning they might be under water, though. I do follow cluesforum.

8 years ago

I’m not sure about the ISS but I do know that something can be seen with the naked eye. You can check at this website to see when and where in your area. I assume it’s a satillite. The ‘thing’ looks like a star among all the other stars and moves quickly like a regular airplane would. It’s exciting, really, when you ‘see the star moving’. They pass all the time but some are brighter than others and this site has a rating for how bright it is going to be. I’m not familiar with Twitter but you’re right… Read more »