Ep34-9/11 story and Hadfield/ISS fakery

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Showtime: Saturday, March 23, 2013 8:30pm

audio_mp3_buttonep34-Wade Little and Robin Fisher

Two Canadians coming on the show this weekend. Wade will tell us of his journey and Robin will discuss the above video of the IFS (International Fake Station).

We are also joined by Chris Kendall of Hoaxbusters and (big radio voice) Pierce Scrim of Holland.

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13 thoughts on “Ep34-9/11 story and Hadfield/ISS fakery

  1. aral sea

    I really enjoyed this episode. Lots of interesting points. I have never looked into the ISS though maybe it ISSn’t now! Obviously they are not telling us much or there’s nothing to tell. Why the 2 shuttle crashes? Tells the public that space is too dangerous so they can delay manned spaceflight?

  2. jneleve

    Fun recording! I know there are others like me but they will not type because we are anti net and wondering about everything. It seems that the first guy was trying to talk about the spiritual world. Assuming there is a spiritual world…I believe that…right or wrong in our ways. Thanks for what you guys do.

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