ISS Fakery Canuck style

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Canadians have been inundated with Commander Hadfield of the ISS on a daily basis, ever since he assumed virtual command of the virtual ISS.

My position is clear: hoaxed the world with the Apollo, so nothing they’ve done subsequent to that can be believed. This includes Voyageur, Hubble, Curiosity, Space Shuttle, or the ISS. The ISS is a simple extension of the hoax to get the whole world involved.

Consider it like franchising. Buy into the business and NASA will supply all the know how. You supply the money and the labor and we will give you the tools. This gets the whole world on board.

The concept of localization of a is brilliant: no-one expects in the own backyard. The sayings 0;that never happens here” or “couldn’t happen here” illustrate this concept. People are particularly insulted when told a psyop is happening right in front of their eyes, including their own politicians and leaders.

This is makes the daily appearances of our asstroNOT particularly annoying for me.

Contributor Robin Fisher did a video illustrating some of our frustrations. He will be on radioab this Saturday to discuss it with me in depth. Tune in!

International Space Station

International Space Station (Photo credit: San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives)

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5 thoughts on “ISS Fakery Canuck style

  1. ab Post author

    I talked to Robin and he said he was going to respond to you in the comments here.

    His explanation is rather lengthy and detailed and I don’t want to summarize it and potentially miss his point.

    I will remind him that you are waiting for a response.

  2. Simon Shack

    I just tried to post this message on Robin Fisher’s Youtube channel :

    Hi, Robin!

    I submit to you two links to our longstanding Cluesforum research into NASA fakery. Maybe you could add those links (minus the spaces) in your video description?

    tinyurl . com /NASA-SPACED-OUT

    tinyurl . com /ISS-HOAX


    But I found out that I was BLOCKED from Robin’s YT channel !
    Why am I blocked from Robin’s YT channel?

    Ab, could you please let me know?

    Simon Shack

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