New dimension to Aurora psyop

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The Aurora added a Muslim meme to the story.

Once more we have the Muslim dichotomy pushing that they are peaceful and simultaneously associating them with the most dangerous psychopaths.

The perps tend to pile on the memes to confuse and distract and further the .

Dark Knight killer James Holmes ‘is now a Muslim who prays five times a day’ | Mail Online…

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1 thought on “New dimension to Aurora psyop

  1. xileffilex

    Strangely, or perhaps not, this “twist” seems to have been written out of the script in the most recent episodes.…

    In fact this “conversion” hasn’t been heard of since 2013.

    The testimony in court of “paralysed” mom who takes a 6 year old to feature film ending after midnight is interesting to watch. [5 clips]

    She’s still got a bullet lodged in cervical vertebra C7 in her spinal column, allegedly, from 3:45 here

    a “textbook” case with the following symptoms, allegedly….…

    Here’s another witness…

    [started work at 6am that morning, what better way to relax than go to the movies 16 or more hours later and fall asleep there]

    “….my intestines and my stomach actually fell out and I had to bend down and actually catch my intestines and push them back in my body with my left arm” [ from 5:00] – “survivor Farrah Soudani”
    boyfriend reached over with his left arm [because he was shot, of course, in his right arm] and “started holding in [her] organs” [5:50]
    what utter garbage
    “the majorty of my calf had been flayed off, basically” [shows jury the calf but not the cameras] “and was only hanging on by a piece”
    [elements of the Boston Marathon smoke bombing, Jeff Bauman must have advised on the script here]
    Good am-dram section from 9:00

    Fake outburst in a fake trial:

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