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A fascinating web site done by a very interesting author. Investigate the site – we’ll be talking about it in an upcoming radioab interview.

• Deep revisionism: History, War, Science, Religion, Politics, Academic Subjects. Power structures. Propaganda, Lies, Hoaxes, Claims, Frauds, Psychologies..

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  1. Markus Allen

    And I quote, Tim:
    “That “9/11 Actors” video by Simonshack is essentially the no planes theory, which is a diversion. Though I personally saw no planes hit the WTC, nor did I see any people jumping, I have no problem believing that drone planes were used as missiles, and judging by the hundreds or thousands of missing posters I saw around lower Manhattan for the two years after 9/11, I do not see any reason to doubt that people died when the buildings fell. I saw firemen engulfed in the huge dust cloud when the south tower collapsed, and there is a memorial at the fire fighter museum in Soho which is composed of one or two hundred photo-tiles showing the faces of firemen who died – mostly with Anglo, Irish and Italian names by the way.”

    At the bottom it also says:
    “For what it’s worth – the cousin of a good friend was killed in the WTC in 9/11 – or at least went permanently missing.”

    Amazing how many people have cousins and uncles and friends who “died” on 9/11. Stunning.

    1. ab Post author

      I saw that, but that’s “nukelies” or Jesse. He has long exited the scene. Rerevisionist runs the site now. The nukelies site is mostly a snapshot from the past being hosted at big-lies.

    1. ab Post author

      Actually “nukelies” doesn’t administer It is now rerevisionist and I don’t think that link makes his stand seems anti-noplanes.


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