Ep35-Nuclear Weapons/power Hoax

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Showtime: Good Friday, March 29, 2013 0600h EDT

Main topic: the . Rae/Rerevisionist of big-lies.org oined by contributor FirstclassSkeptic to discuss the nuclear weapons/power hoax

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24 thoughts on “Ep35-Nuclear Weapons/power Hoax

  1. Rerevisionist

    @AB —
    Read or skim big-lies.org and make a few notes; and email me. If we have topics to discuss in sequence, it makes for better listening – we can tell the listeners, up front, roughly what we’ll be discussing. With luck there will be some phone ins too.

  2. Rerevisionist

    The Church of England has increasing Jewish influence – or at least I assume it’s increasing. The latest Archbishop of Canterbury for exmaple. The Church was uniquely positioned to read and comment on anceint documents (including the Talmud) and has histoical epxeince of England stretching back centuries. They also have experience in British ex-colonies. They seem to be intellectually almost dead. Maybe in a few years the cathedrals will be up for demolition. I attriobute this to Jewish money power; at any rate something has kept them quiet.

    1. Christopher Marlowe

      Sorensen, even if that argument were true, it would go to show that the “Jesuits are behind it all” is complete garbage.
      1. If the Jews are controlling the Church, then the Jews control the religious orders of the Church.
      2. Then the Jews control the Jesuits.
      3. Then the Jesuits cannot be “behind it all” because the Jews are behind them.

      There is probably some sort of ridiculous response to this, along the lines of: the Jews are behind the Church, but the Jesuits are behind the Jews… But that is something that one might read in the David Icke forum, and is not worthy of my beautiful mind.

      Of course, you haven’t supported your notion that the Jews “control” the Church. There might be some influence behind some of the more recent comments by Church officials that “the Jews didn’t kill Jesus.” St Peter and St Paul said in the Bible that the Jews killed Jesus, so it is obvious heresy to say otherwise. And the appearance of this doctrine is obviously geared towards favoring the Jews. So I would offer this type of heretical nonsense as evidence of Jewish influence in the post-Vatican II Church. But if I say that a five year old in the passenger seat has his hand on the gear shift, it is still quite an entirely different thing to say that this child “controls” the car.

      The Church is not controlled by the Jews. Just read some of what St John Chrysostom wrote about the Jews:

  3. Rerevisionist

    I contacted Roger Desjardins by email – and I’m very much hoping he’ll agree to talk. But he hasn’t replied yet. I’m also hoping to get Phil Holland to talk – he’s a highly sceptical man who has his own theories on aspects of physics, and spent his working life in nuclear reprocessing and nuclear power. But I fear he simply will not discuss the issues. I’d be very interested to hear them both debate.

  4. Rerevisionist

    I’ve only recently come across the Jews-invented-Catholicism material. (creativitymovement.net has a very good summary of both the Old and New Testaments, as Jewish writings designed to damage non-Jews with absurd advice, conflicting advice, harming advice etc.). I can’t entirely agree for many reasons; and in any case an Iberian viewpoint is likely to start from different positions than the Anglo ones. However, I doubt whether the truth can be recovered now.
    Incidentally I’m annoyed abirato hasn’t removed the link to a crummy site which dislikes nukelies but of course has no good contrary arguments.
    I just noticed the recent Episode, 39, though I haven’t listened yet. But part 2 appears to have anti-evolution and anti-heliocentric stuff. It does begin to look as though abirato is just another Jewish shill.

    1. ab Post author

      Ok Rae I deleted the link. I don’t mind editing but I find it odd that you’re shitting where you eat – ie. I am interested in promoting your research yet you’re accusing me of being a shill? I’ll inform you that if I am a shill it’s not deliberate – I am simply sorting out in my own way what’s real and what’s not. Getting past that to those in control (the PIP) is a much tougher nut to crack and is without possibility to know. This is the opinion of researchers that have been at it far longer than me. I entertain both sides but really can’t offer a solid opinion either way right now other than to say it’s a distraction. Either way we’ll have another show if you’re interested to go through the rest of big-lies.org.

      1. Rerevisionist

        Thanks for removing that link. Yes, I’d do another show. I’ll also try Phil Holland and Desjardins – I’ll try pointing out that vast numbers of people have been worried, damaged, or maybe worse by nuke roumours and claims, and they have some sort of responsibility to get the truth out.

        But of course there are millions of people, with experience of legal frauds, medical mistakes, vast wastes of money, military devastatons etc etc who all refuse to talk. F*ck them, eh. The silent minoroty.

  5. Sorensen

    The Second Jesuit General was already a Jew, and the first one, the founder is still debated, but probably a Jew too.
    The Jesuits were known to be full of them.
    And Catholicism is Judaism disguised, for non-jews.

    But Catholicism is not attacked, it’s a key part of their system, obedience, false hope, pacifism, clergy, vertical ruling…

    So, yes, jews were and are in power, but catholicism was never a threat or opposition, it was their tool, 90% of the time.

    The biggest psyops of all times would be;

    – The World, an illusion created by Satan.
    – Jesus, the first vicsim ever! And the most successful!
    – Culture, all of it, “hi-story”, “science” (pronounced zion), “law”, “e-con-omics”…
    – The Holohoax!

    9/11 is barely important, Pearl Harbor was way bigger, and the battle of Britain psyop too.

    The concept of colorful confetti, aka “money” is gaining points as years pass… That we need a known deceitful third-party, a bank, a cotton-printer to organize ourselves is diabolical.

    Roman/Babylonian/Talmudic/Invented-Vertical “Law” is incredible hard to digest.
    Instead of blood/common sense we have foreign words more important
    than our own judgment and intuition.
    That’s a perfect definition of being under a spell, under foreign spelled words which have more power than you, enough to bind and enslave you.

    That’s jewish black magic, kabalah, the NS tried to come back to Natural Law, all the libertarians talks about? That was resurrected in Germany, judgement by peers (not a foreigner, jew, protecting their own mafia-race, and overwhelming monopolizing lawyers, judges, press…)

    1. Christopher Marlowe

      I am writing this reply to a very confusing argument that kind of spins out of control.

      1. The first problem is confusing the Jews with the Jesuits. Your argument attempts to show that the Jesuits are Jews. If this is the case, then there is no question because the two terms mean the same thing. But this is an unsupported claim; e.g. “probably a Jew”, “known to be full of them”. These are just opinions without facts.

      2. The second ridiculous argument attempts to say that Catholicism is the same as Judaism. This is problematic for the same reason as #1. If it were the case, then there is no question. But this argument is also nonsensical because it ignores thousands of years of history and writings by Catholics that many would call “anti-semitic”. Go read St John Crysostom and then come back and talk about how Catholicism is the same as Judaism. That is pure nonsense. I blame Charles Jewliani for spreading this garbage around. Look at the Bible: Rev 2:9 “and thou art blasphemed by them that say they are Jews and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.” and 3:9 “Behold, I will bring of the synagogue of Satan, who say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie. Behold, I will make them to come and adore before thy feet.”

      3. Catholicism is part of their system? I suppose that is why Catholic countries kicked the Jews out.
      All of your facts here are completely made up out of your head and unsupported.

      I don’t question that there are Jews that infiltrate organizations and try to take them over. Jews have been doing this for centuries. That was what led to the Spanish Inquisition. The inquisition was trying to ferret out the Jews who had pretended to convert.

      But to take those false converts and their attempt to corrupt the Church and use that as proof that Catholicism is Judaism is very weak reasoning. The present push for zionism in Christian Churches is anti-Christ, and it goes against the teachings of the Catholic Church. Moreover, any reasonable person would admit that “Christian zionism” is really more of a Protestant televangical thing. And it really only took root post WWII. Up until that time the Catholic Church would pray for the “perfidious Jews”. That is a public confession that the Church did not recognize the Jewish religion as being valid. Those invalid changes in Catholic liturgy post Vatican II are due to a masonic/Jewish influence in the Catholic hierarchy, but they are not “Catholic”.

      4. Your argument gets sidetracked at this point. You start explaining all the psyops that ever existed, and listing their importance. This is heavy on opinion, and short on reason and fact. Then you talk about money, Roman law, foreign words, Jewish magic.

      It’s much easier to have a discussion if we stick to a single point. That point was whether the Jews are running these psy-op conspiracies, or whether it is the Jesuits. I still rest on the argument that re-revisionist gave above: in short, if there was a Catholic organization running things, you wouldn’t see Catholicism being run down in the media. But that is what we do see. The ones we cannot criticize are the Jews. The history that is illegal to question is the holohoax. It is not illegal to question Christ, or even to mock Him. If you want to prove that the Jesuits are really running things, then you have to refute Re-revisionist’s points.

  6. Christopher Marlowe

    I really liked listening to Re-revisionist. I like the way he says “bullshit”. I like this show and I generally like Ab Irato, but he is kind of chicken to talk about the Jews. Every time Re-revisionist was talking about the ewJays, Ab Irato would cut him off and say that “some people think it’s the Jesuits”. Personally, I have looked into the “Jesuit” conspiracy, I find it to be worthless Jew tripe. Re-revisionist’s comments on nuke-lies summarizes it very well:

    “I don’t accept the Catholics-rule-the-world idea, but I base this on trying to imagine what would happen if this were true:—

    *Catholicism and the wonders of their saints and popes would be taught in all schools and colleges
    *Sufferings of Catholics would be compulsory teaching for all schoolkids.
    *Catholics would get huge sums of public money for made-up past suffering.
    *Businesses and the media would be controlled by Catholics. Film and TV programs would constantly mention Catholics, Rome etc
    *All criticism of Catholics would be frowned on – there would be legal action, covert police action, protests and riots etc
    *The history of the Orthodox Church in Russia would be widely known
    *Shady outfits – ‘Mafia’ etc – would all be attributed to e.g. Jews or some other group
    *Catholics would have their own special passports, special legislation, huge numbers of their own little groups
    *Anything Catholics wanted would be widely promoted
    *All modern history would be written from a Catholic viewpoint
    *Catholics where a minority would carry out military operations and be given money for it and hardly anyone would comment…”

    The media favoritism of Jews and its hatred of Catholicism proves that Catholics are not running things. It’s painfully obvious. Ab Irato should read re-revisionist’s comment over and understand it. Things are not always “6 of one and half dozen of another”. We can weigh evidence and make reasonable deductions. This is a good example of how to answer this question using reasoning skills. Ab Irato cannot refute this argument by saying “some people would claim that Jesuits” blah blah blah. That’s not an argument at all, and it has zero substance. It seems like Ab Irato has been conditioned to be afraid of the Jews.

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    1. Rerevisionist

      [1] It’s irrelevant to the issues here
      [2] Imho these people are too Biblical. There’s too much of a clash between serious archaeology and Bible stories, just as Holohoax mythology doesn’t go with genuine archaeology.

    1. Rerevisionist

      ‘Exposed the core’ – yes. They were keen to cover it up, because it was obviously not what it should have been. The other stuff is pure propaganda: where are the mutant plants, insects, animals, birds?

    1. Rerevisionist

      nukelies.org has material on Hiroshima, and another section on images, both containing comments on photos.

      Nothing new in those photos. Note the circles drawn on the aerial view aren’t necessarily where any bomb would go; FirstClassSkeptic showed the circular error in those days was huge.

      1. Rerevisionist

        Thanks. I’d like to come back; thanks for inviting me (and thanks for spurring me into re-trying Skype, which I hadn’t liked). There’s so much ground to cover I was a bit breathless and too fast. Even so we didn’t really begin to look at the issues. But I hope some people will be spurred into action.

        And in view of the nuke justification for wars – north Korea, Iran, and no doubt others – I hope scepticism will grow. Maybe just one bomb could be demonstrated….

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