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Psychopaths in Power

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Interesting insight into those that rule over us.


The signs of psychopathy are:

  1. Glib and superficial charm;
  2. Grandiose sense of self-worth; narcissism; seeing the self as the center of the universe; feeling “no one else is human, only I”;
  3. Focused self-advancement without losing any energy on others except as stepping-stones;
  4. No moral taboos or inhibitions as to methods, aiding career success until caught;
  5. Need for constant stimulation, action, and new ways to avoid boredom;
  6. Lying as an art form to fine-tune and a source of pride;
  7. Targeting and manipulation of the gullible;
  8. Enticing people they do not love to naively love them;
  9. Skill at faking emotions, including love, sincerity and regret;
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Small town shooting fakery?

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Looks like media fakery in a small scale. The photo imagery is clearly fuzzy and unclear. How is that possible in this day of mega big megapixel cameras?

Fake News Daily – Georgia baby shot “right between the eyes.”

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