Psychopaths in Power

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Interesting insight into those that rule over us.…

The signs of psychopathy are:

  1. Glib and superficial charm;
  2. Grandiose sense of self-worth; narcissism; seeing the self as the center of the universe; feeling “no one else is human, only I”;
  3. Focused self-advancement without losing any energy on others except as stepping-stones;
  4. No moral taboos or inhibitions as to methods, aiding career success until caught;
  5. Need for constant stimulation, action, and new ways to avoid boredom;
  6. Lying as an art form to fine-tune and a source of pride;
  7. Targeting and manipulation of the gullible;
  8. Enticing people they do not love to naively love them;
  9. Skill at faking emotions, including love, sincerity and regret;
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1 thought on “Psychopaths in Power

  1. Bluemoon

    The Irish artist Thomas Sheridan has written about psychopathy for the layman in his books Puzzling People and Defeating Demons- His thesis, if I got this right, is that Babylonian irrigation systems that allowed for huge crop yields were the sparks that set society into collectivism and thus allowed the psychopaths to emerge in an irresistible mass power grab- Demonic entities began popping up on the Babylonian feast day calendars- Professionalism emerged to compartmentalize skills and regulate their development and monetization (taxable revenue), especially in their version of the military/industrial complex- Mystical systems of belief were developed to replace earth based nature rituals of the tactile human experience- Rather than measure reality by the cycles of life, eternal war between protector demons and parasitic demons was now the process by which mankind could interpret and modulate its behavior according to the demands of the demon’s proxies (priests, etc. – though today we have swapped prelates for pundits and economic forecasters) It’s amazing how that ancient aberration of humanity still clings- Boggles the mind-

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