Ep36-Nuclear Weapons/power Hoax

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Guest  Edmund Matthews discusses his Nuclear Weapons Don’t Exist video.

Edmund’s websites:



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18 thoughts on “Ep36-Nuclear Weapons/power Hoax

  1. Tony Hancock

    Ok sensor, the fake low key acting voice over – should prove what a charlatan this guy is. I thought this was called wake up with Ab. As much as I hate that expression (wake etc) Come on dude, nukes don’t exist – so why does this prat start talking about secret space programs?

    And how could he not know how the freakin BBC license fee works?

  2. I'm sad english guys are always talking shit and popping cans of beer at the same time

    This guy does not live in the UK ~ he has no knowledge of the BBC fee, what so ever. @1hr28mins.

    Post script – if – huge if – he does live here and has that little knowledge of the fee he claims to pay, then I’m ashamed of him.

  3. Herge Degrelle

    Did this guy actually mention Joseph Farrell as a credible source ?


    Joseph Farrell is one of the biggest and most easily debunkable shills in the business:

    Deanna Spingola – 08 / 09 / 2012 – Veronica Clark, author of “Hitler & Himmler Uncenscored,” on the absurd fables in Joseph Farrell’s book “Brotherhood of the Bell” and the alleged Not-See occult –


    Spingola Speaks 05 / 17 / 2012. – Guest: Historian Veronica Clark talked about the book Stalin’s Folly, which examined the invasion of Russia by Germany in Operation Barbarossa which began on June 22, 1941.


    Disappointing show after the excellent one with the Rae / Rerevisionist FirstclassSkeptic

    As far as the Shariah Law Republic of Iran goes: the way you determine whether an anti-usury country is for real or controlled opposition is by checking the rhetoric vs. actual economic prosperity in the country. Iran is anti-usury on paper, anti-Zionist and holds holohoax conferences also but it’s had nothing but 33 years of double-digit inflation (sometimes as high as 25%), mass unemployment, mass drug addiction (#1 hard drug addiction rate in the world, 1 in 17 people are addicted & you can bet your ass the corrupt government makes a gigantic cut of the drug money while pretending to be fighting the scrooge), people selling their internal organs for a measly 500 to a thousand dollars in order to pay debts and having to wait 4 months to even get that much.

    Compare that to Hitler who set Germany straight to full employment & zero inflation in just 3 years from 8 million unemployed, coming out of HYPER-inflation and DESPITE Judea Declares War on Germany 1933 (google the headlines). Compare that to Chavez in Venezuela where gas was only 39 cents a gallon or to Gaddafi in Libya and Assad in Syria who were both not tied to the BIS and creating secular, economically prosperous countries based more or less on the model of National Socialism which was based on Private Property & where the highest income tax even during the war was 13.7% (England was 23.7% at the same time). There was little regulation of small businesses but plenty of regulation of big corporations to make sure ‘the common interest was put before the individual interest’ but as long as people complied they kept most of their money.

    Also if you believe the following news story (you can’t rule out that it may have been planted by the Jewish media to demoralize anti-Zionists who strongly support Iran), Iran has been propped up as a bogie man terrorist state or best enemy money can buy just like the Soviet Union through indirect U.S. funding through third parties:

    US Has Given Over $100 BILLION To Companies Defying Its Policy On Iran



    That’s $100 billion dollars, that’s not chump change and when you invest 100 billion dollars into an enterprise, does that not imply ‘control’ ? As in what is called ‘controlled opposition’ in the conspiracy community ?

    Pro-Nuclear Energy ad


    from during the Shah’s time published in American magazines using the Shah’s nuclear energy plan (whether real or fake) as subconscious leverage to goad Americans to fear falling behind even this guy in the middle east and get them to agree to build more nuclear power plants. At the same time there is the subtle threat that though he’s an ally of the USA, he might get too strong and decide to use the nuclear power tor nefarious purpose.

    With the Islamic Republic they just switched the fear of losing out in the competition for modern facilities of electricity completely over to fear of being destroyed by fanatical use of it which during the Shah’s regime was not considered much of a threat in the minds of Americans. The American hostages, 25 years of Khomeini propaganda and the false-flag Psy-OP of 9-11 prepared the ground for getting Americans and Europeans to hate those ‘evil Mooslims’ more than any other nation.

  4. Banazir

    Hey Ab. Any thoughts on the existence of nuclear waste? Has anyone been able to examine it? And where does it supposedly end up? (I havent gone through all your shows yet if its been discussed already.)

    1. aral sea

      Well, they look like they could be a compilation of real explosions and animated graphics. Note China’s first hydrpgen bomb test @ .28 sec. Looks like a phony graphic inserted there.

  5. ab Post author

    Why were they even called THERMONUCLEAR bombs at all ? That is certainly not scientific, nor accurate. The implication is that fission bombs have not been said to release a lot of energy. The EXCUSE of the propagandists is that fusion bombs require a great release of heat in order to initiate the fusion. But still, scientifically, this is called nuclear fusion, so why are they not called FUSION bombs ? I think the problem is the word “fusion” does not convey a sense of a lot of heat, energy, or otherwise something very massive, and one thinks of things being joined together, and NOT an explosion. Since it is HYDROGEN nuclei that are being fused in fusion bombs, then why don’t they call them hydrogen bombs ? Unlike thermonuclear, the word hydrogen uniquely refers to the fusion bombs, as opposed to uranium or plutonium bombs, since the fusion bombs are only said to work by fusing HYDROGEN nuclei, albeit with the assistance of plutonium bombs to initiate the fusion. And very early on, they used to be called them H-bombs. But that word, I think, just didn’t have the heavy sound the PR people were looking for. And “hydrogen” sounds weak and feminine. First, people think of a light, basically harmless gas, a gas that easily produces water, which is essential for life. “Hydrogen” could very easily be chosen for a line of women’s swimwear, or cosmetics or skin lotion, as hydrating the skin is very important. Note the usage of the long vowel sound of “o” in the word “thermonuclear.” It is not, for example, “therminuclear,” or “thermanuclear,” although these words could have been coined. As my musician friend ( who informed me in real life that IVY MIKE is a hoax ) told me, the long vowel “o” is the most masculine vowel. The other vowels that might be used are feminine. Thermonuclear conveys a sense of a great release of energy, that hydrogen and fusion do not. And imagine using the expression, “H-bomb warfare” or “H-bomb disaster” Thermonuclear conveys more fear. “H-bomb” could be something like a cherry bomb, and has a comic book sound to it. When you think of “thermo” you might think of something massive and heavy, like a steam boiler, or a diesel engine — very unlike what you think of when you hear “hydrogen.” The very NEED for the propagandists to inaccurately and inappropriately call them thermonuclear bombs, for the sake of the images they conjure up, as opposed to the claimed science behind them, only serves as further evidence that fusion bombs are not a reality but just propaganda.

  6. Gabriel

    Ab, you sure do get some great guests. I can’t wait to hear this call. My parents grew up in the generation of “duck and cover”. When I tell them nukes are not really real they are dismayed. I’m sure you know what I am saying. Looking forward to the show.

    1. ab Post author

      Thanks Gabe. They are interesting and the topics are never discussed. Listeners can make up their own minds if what they are hearing makes sense. Question all!

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