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The Howard Stern Show 9/11/2001 •…

Simon’s latest post on this show brings back memories. While I didn’t listen to the Stern show live on 9/11/2001 I do credit Stern for having Jesse Ventura on sometime in 2012 and getting my ball rolling into the 9/11 adventure.

While both personas may be willing and/or complicit actors in the whole psyOp, without them I wouldn’t be in this game.

My only other previous comment on Stern’s 9/11 show is that show persona Crazy Cabbie, who did audio commentary from a rooftop watching the WTC 0;chaos” “live”, disappeared from the airwaves sometime shortly after.

Where would be without the gatekeepers? Are they all bad or do they do enough good by offering a few nuggets of truth to at least get people talking about ? Discuss among yourselves below.

The Howard Stern Show

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5 thoughts on “Stern warning

  1. aral sea

    This is my path of awakening via various media

    Star Trek (episode Spectre of the Gun especially)
    Twilight Zone
    Capricorn One (movie)
    1984/Animal Farm
    Geraldo Rivera
    JFK movie
    Rush Limbaugh
    Coast to Coast
    The Spaceman (Talk 640)
    Phil Hendrie Show
    Alex Jones
    Jim Fetzer
    American Freedom Radio Hosts
    Ab Irato/Clues Forum

  2. ab Post author

    Simon, I drifted for 11 (!) years without getting past “it’s an inside job” way of thinking. I didn’t even really notice the cat setting the cheese.

    How many more years would have gone by before I got a clue? I agree the gatekeepers are a powerful part of the psyOp and their message is controlling and deafening. For thinking mice that press on, we eventually escape the cat’s grasp and take the cheese and run.

    When other mice see the cheese and cat, they can seek the smart mice. That’s when the hard work begins of keeping them out of the trap.

  3. Simon Shack

    Ab, let me put it this way, in an ‘Animal Farm’ sort of allegory: would a smart mouse ever give credit to the cat who pointed him to the cheese nugget placed on the mousetrap? I don’t think so. If the smart mouse was smart enough to see through the cat’s intentions and stay clear of the cheese, he would also stay clear of the cat – for the rest of his life. At no time would he tell his fellow mice: “well, at least I have to give some credit to the cat for showing me that yummy piece of cheese!”

    It has almost become a cliché (in 9/11 research circles) for people newly ‘awakened’ to TV fakery to say: “Well, at least that cat Alex Jones – (or Loosechange/Michael Moore/Richard Gage/Jesse Ventura/etc,etc) woke me up to the fact that something was wrong with the official story.” Sheesh – what a nice thing to say about folks whose job is to lure you to la-la land and down into the dark dungeons of dead-end rabbit holes! Isn’t that devious baiting precisely what gatekeepers are all about? And would anyone pay heed to these cats if they didn’t pose as legit truthseekers – hijacking Joe Public’s attention, spewing ridicule over real researchers and sowing yummy nuggets of cheese to attract all honest, truth-seeking mice?

    You ask: “Where would we be without the gatekeepers?” Let me answer this with a question: “Where would a hijacked flight be without it being hijacked by terrorists?” My best guess would be: the airplane and all its passengers would long have safely landed at its airport of destination. In other words, the grossly under-funded, sidelined and oft derided grassroot network of private researchers (such as you and me) would likely be miles ahead at this time – were it not for the million-dollar gatekeeping structure and the deafening interference of the loud-mouthed Alex Joneses and Jesse Venturas blasting out of your TV set. Huh? Don’t watch TV? More of a radio-buff? Well, here’s where creeps like Howard Stern take over…

  4. larry

    Ab, unlike you, most people don’t think through the implications when they get a glimpse of reality. Or if they do start to think about it, become frightened by the implications and scurry back to the enclosure. Notice that ventura, jones and other rats always inject some fear with the nugget of truth. I surmise that the PTB make a calculation that they might lose some of the flock, but overall maintain control. Any shock will snap people out of their trance, so TPTB slowly drip some bits of truth, along with the fear, to prevent any shocks, and to inoculate the masses against truth. For now, all we can do is keep hammering away at spreading the truth. The growth of awareness may seem imperceptible, but have faith that it will become inexorable. I think that TPTB underestimate people. When the full import of any of the many hoaxes is realized, people will be furious. People will also react with fury if pushed too far. Maybe that will be the undoing of the psychopaths (intra-species predators).
    Can you imagine how the German people will react when they inevitably realize that they have been hoaxed, conned and unjustly vilified?
    How will Americans react when they know that nuclear bombs, nasa, 9-11, shootings and all of msm are all phony?
    How will the people in the UK feel when they comprehend that their “lords” and “ladies” are some of the most evil parasitic scumbags to ever grace this planet?
    Consider how fiercely they fought each other, when in times past they were propagandized to believe lies. How much more fiercely will they fight when they know the truth?
    Imagining the consequences spurs me on.

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