Makow on Zionists betrayal of "Jews"

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This past week on radioab, we had a broadcast where the guest constantly referred to 0;Jews” being responsible for the . While I ignored the issue as a distraction to the point of the broadcast, it is an issue that must be researched in the greater context of who is pulling the strings. While I don’t/can’t have a definitive opinion on “them” or “they”, this article goes a long way to help explaining the confusing array of characters and factions in the mix.

Nazism, Zionism and Communism are Illuminati movements. In order to justify the state of Israel, Zionists collaborated with the and, despite the blood on their hands, continue to exploit the for their political benefit. Rabbi Shonfeld calls the Zionists “war criminals” who usurped the leadership of the Jewish people, betrayed their trust, and after their annihilation, reaped the moral capital.

via Zionists Betrayed Non-Z Jews to Holocaust –

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2 thoughts on “Makow on Zionists betrayal of "Jews"

  1. S731

    I made a mistake before, I talked of states, as if they existed…

    The System wanted Afghanistan in, democratized. But, somehow it resists. Why?

    We know very little of the real world. There may be esoteric reasons.
    In our rational mind-view only modern science counts.
    But it doesn’t to them, they know and feed us symbolism and hidden meanings.

    The PTB wants not just a “world government” but a SPECIFIC TYPE of world government, an American one, money, science and future, bread and circus, and for the clever, useless curiosity traps, like “sciences”.

    In any Westerner city, 90% of the office work could be sent to the trash with no loss.

    The War is against the minds, it doesn’t matter what we do, just that we get into a state of mind, of obeying, following orders…

    They hate the past, they want all of us into their system, listening and carrying only their ideas, no intuition, common-sense, and no useful self-sustainable abilities, office or “services oriented” jobs.

    In the non-violent camp, the most they fear, is us abandoning the cities, becoming peasants, with our own chickens, cows, lands to harvest, and worse, getting food and more from the trees.

    Jews.. what is a Jew? A pusher for commerce and money, basically.

    So, no commerce, small communities and barter, no luxuries, but peace, security…

    They control the land, the cities, it’s their domain, they set it all up for their benefit.…

    Even the high rise buildings were designed by the same masons, temple-builders, they didn’t retire with the cathedrals, all political buildings, everything is studied.
    The language is their tool, it’s their system, entirely.

    It has to be taken down, everything scrutinized.

    The Nazis commit this heresy, not the economical out of banking going back to labor-backing of currency, they also wanted to clean science! They were going directly full-speed to the ubermensch, the super-man, to recover our brain abilities!

    They organize very clever people, what were “conspiracy theorists” of their time were given full power and resources in the SS research divisions.

    Barely anybody speaks of what the SS did, it was the materialization in full public view of an anti-free-masonic anti-illuminati elite, out of the common folk, with the same level of hidden knowledge.

  2. S731

    Nice site ab, to the point. Nazism was not a “illuminated” thing.

    Beware of a tactic of the gatekeepers, they claim to control all the revolutions and leaders, so we abandon all hope.
    That one and fear are the most used nowadays.

    Fear! The UN troops are going to disarm you…

    Sorry, but as the PTB know, words have power, that phrase from above, is a prophecy, Alex Jones is using magic, really, in the literal sense, repeating mantras, phrases, into millions of minds, echoing them, as in a botnet of zombies, and now, millions have that possible future in their brains, helping it happen.

    Nazism could have been infected by being too pro-british, in their racism for example, Britain and Germany had very good cultural relations, and the british and anglosaxons were the worst racist, machism comes from north-american rich ladies insulting mexican males, as if they were animals or new slaves.

    The US was the paradise for the Jews, Colombus, means dove, the symbol of Israel, and of peace, and so, District of Columbia, is district of “peace”, and they use double-language.
    They also carried their Egyptian power with them, Obelisks to London, New York and Washington, and to the “catholic” Vatican.

    As I researched so called “New Chronology” for this last years I’m certain nothing previous to 1870 or so can be taken as certain.

    An example of how limited the creativity and criticism is, Jesus as a figure is attacked, it may not exist many claim..great, this is controlled opposition, and pretty worthless “attacks”.
    The official history, all the building of kings, Vatican, numerology of dates is never attacked!
    Colombus arrived.. the 12 of October… 12 tribes.. as the European Union has 12 stars.

    Does the truth matter? What is truth? What matters is what people believe, as in a game of cards.

    And so we move to Bin Laden, assuming your position it never existed, was controlled, died long ago… whatever… does it matter?
    Bin Laden is a hero, a martyr in the muslim world, they carry his image in protests, it tells them it’s possible to organize attacks against the mighty system.

    I’m not sure about the 11S events, on one part I know as you do, about the Vicsims, but I also something is wrong from their perspective… it doesn’t make sense.

    We know the cold war is a hoax, knowing about the nuke hoax!

    So, the US didn’t entered the Middle East to encircle Russia or anything like that.

    And oil or gas is not worth the price and risk, the cost is way bigger.

    Think about the US in WW2, against Germany… they barely fought a year! And against a damaged enemy who had most of the troops in the other front…

    And they got massive benefits from that war, patents, arts, scientist, they become the super-power, they destroyed an industrial competitor, they made sure the war debt and investment into Britain was paid…

    Now move all that to Afganistan! It’s a complete failure! They are blooding out!

    They are stuck there, for 12 years, loosing image, and so, loosing their dollar.

    You want to impose your currency as the world-currency? Ok, but you better be a military super-power.. if you start to fail, and be beaten by camel-hearders…well your credibility will suffer.

    What if other ares rebelled? What if other muslim countries insurrect? How many countries can the US invade at the same time?
    It’s logistics have limits.

    So I side with a third option, there was a third party, non-US, non-Israel who allowed, helped or supported the 11S, to lure the US into Afganistan, then Iraq…

    They, the industrialistists and military were arrogant, thinking in their benefits only…and that arrogance went against them.

    I imagine China, or a power behind Al Qaeda, even Iran, as Iran allowed and welcomed the US to invade both Afganistan and Iraq… benefiting by putting their shia stooges, and now having the US by the balls, because at their order, both countries will ignite.
    But I’m uncertain about Iran, as it helped Syria, and therefore Israel.

    Don’t jump too fast to conclusion, that 11S was fake, doesn’t mean that yihadist are not real.
    Actually what happened doesn’t matter that much, the key is, is something there able to break the ice, and launch people into the armed fight against the system?

    Even if they created/engineered the Bin Laden 11S thing…it’s going to blow back, and more with the economic crisis, those “dead” or so is said, in the towers, were banksters.

    And I end repeating the two tactics they use, fear and fear, they are all powerful and resistance is futile.

    There are two types of population;

    – Those who trust the system
    – Those who don’t.

    The second group is a potential risk, if they see an acceptable risk/benefit optin to attack the system they hate, they may jump. Danger!

    So, how they change that equation to their benefit? By giving the image the risk will be enormous, Alex Jones style, fear, troops, FEMA camps, night raids, satellites over your dog (Satellites are a scam*), and the leaked “revelation” that all resistance was controlled, the nazis, the Islamist, all are under the Illuminati or CIA. That way, possible enemies of the system end in despair and don’t act.

    * The US uses drones and AWACS. Done. This argument is enough.

    In War games with China, they use AWACS, risky, why? Why not use the Sats? Oh, they would be “attack by Chinese anti-sat weapons”, yeah, sure…

    Why did the incident with an AWACS happened? That’s a terrible national security problem! Why risk that? Use your incredibly high altitude satelites you dumb idiot!

    Why the drones? The first were and many active are for espionage, they may hack them, force them to land, take them down and get classified information…

    Even the weather information given in TV is received by earth-based radars, old style WW2 radars, instead of metal planes, they detect water densities and then paint nicely in a 3d globe! Hahaha. This is not a secret, I found this in common university’s courses!

    Have a nice day group. Sorensen.


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