Nuke accident

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The control room at a U.S. nuclear power plant.

The control room at a U.S. nuclear power plant. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some nuke accidents are smaller than others. Wonder why they shut the plant down when they say there is no risk to the public?

As usual with (phony) stories, almost no detail at all. Clicking the further reading link gives a smaller version of the same story.

Don’t expect a follow-up.

Entergy Arkansas says a worker was killed and three others injured when a heavy piece of equipment fell at a nuclear plant.

via 1 killed, 3 hurt in accident at Arkansas nuclear plant – DC Breaking Local News Weather Sports FOX 5 WTTG.

Numerology: 1 and 3 (as in Trinity Nuclear Test)

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3 thoughts on “Nuke accident

  1. Simon Shack

    Blue Moon, that was interesting. I’d never heard of that Kraemer guy – who appears to be, indeed, hard to trace. Even pictures of him are tough to find. This, in spite of being (I now learn belatedly) the man who ‘discovered’ Henry Kissinger and Alexander Haig – and ‘influenced’ James Schlesinger and Donald Rumsfeld. All the aforementioned are, to be sure, infamously known to be among the most rabid and bloodthirsty warmonger-hawks of recent American history.

    But get this: in the below-linked article, we learn that Kissinger was, basically, considered as a ‘peace dove’ (well, he DID get the Nobel Peace Prize, didn’t he?) – and that Kraemer eventually hated him for being too ‘soft’ in war matters – such as the handling of the Vietnam war ! (*rolleyes*)

    James Schlesinger is also a relatively unknown creep who, according to Wickedpedia… : “While Secretary of Defense, he opposed amnesty for draft resisters, and pressed for development of more sophisticated nuclear weapon systems.”

    Once you look a little deeper into this sorry bunch of warmongering psychopaths (Nixon included, of course), you’ll see how Haig and Rumsfeld appear to be nothing but lame, opportunist hanger-ons to the super-wicked Kraemer/ Kissinger/ Schlesinger trio.

    Of course, the three of them being jewish does not mean that we should blame the entire jewish population for the woes of America – and of this planet.

    1. Blue Moon

      Simon/ Ab et al-
      As for Jew/not a Jew, I don’t factor accidental circumstances of birth into defining the character of an individual. I think it’s more elemental than that- Human beings are one of five species of ape (four if you classify Bonobos as a sub-set of chimpanzees) What drives Ape-men like the Cold Warriors sited is the desire to top the pyramidal power structures that male apes organize within- A sophisticated example of how this particular group of apes played their power games is the Haig/Kissinger relationship. Haig was an unqualified hack that leap-frogged over two hundred plus flag officers to serve in Kissinger’s cabal (Likely approved for Kissinger by his leash holder Nelson Rockefeller) In retrospect Kissinger’s motives are clear: He placed an easily manipulated lieutenant close-by to cover his flank against Bush and to use as a Presidential puppet candidate to maintain his superior position. (Kissinger being German was ineligible for the White House) Having dispensed with Kraemer, Kissinger eventually dispensed with Haig during the Reagan/Bush dust-up during the alleged assassination attempt in ’81 (I’m certain it was a Kissinger operation to weaken both Reagan and Bush and possibly slide Haig into the White House)- In the fallout, Reagan got the message, Bush was blocked by Reagan’s survival and war mongering protégé’ Haig was dumped for being too obvious about his grab for power- Kissinger held his ground- As of this writing the “Doktor” is still whispering in the ear of the front men in the various divisions of government that control foreign policy and shoe horning them out when they don’t do his bidding- Think Petraeus and his chimp gang getting tossed just after the election- Nuclear power? It’s now used as a false flag as we see the stories about North Korea and Iran always seemingly in development of peaceful domestic nuclear power stations with the implication that they are likely developing weapons on the sly- Tired!

  2. Blue Moon

    My brother was a naval officer and nuclear engineer as was our grandfather who was a pioneer in the field (I believe his area of expertise was cooling systems) I find it quite plausible that the weapons were either a hoax or a recognized failure very early on- A nuke-like explosion in Port Chicago, California in 1944 (…) gave investigators an idea of what a huge pile of detonated ordinary ordinance could do- What happened or didn’t happen in Japan the following year is anybody’s guess. Given the “reported” destruction, I can also see the High Command sensing little on-site strategic advantage to such wide spread destruction- What’s left to defend and exploit? However, the propaganda weapon they created had enormous advantages- And predictably enough, one of the Nazi imports, one Fritz Kraemer, mentor of fellow German import, Heinz Alfred “Henry” Kissinger, became the plans officer at the Pentagon where his strategy was to promote an all or nothing nuclear wipe out if Western agendas were resisted- As for the Arkansas accident, such industrial hazards do happen- The fact that the plant was reported shut down was certainly standard procedure when anything out of the ordinary happened at the plants where my brother worked as an impartial safety analyst commissioned by the NRC- He’s been long removed from that racket as in his own words: “Ralph Nader killed that industry”
    Here’s the Wiki page for Kraemer- In my opinion its BS but it’s a place to start for this nuclear hoax ring leader who is very hard to trace-


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