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Seizo Yamada's ground level photo taken from a...

Seizo Yamada’s ground level photo taken from approximately 7 km northeast of Hiroshima. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s a banned thread on the nuclear hoax. It was banned for its constant reference to 0;jews”. Whether the author really believes in the “jew” angle or not, it only serves as a distraction from some good points on the whole hoax. The proof is in the thread: there are no good debating points on cactusneedle’s hoax related items.

The elites/psychopaths in power are far more sophisticated to be associated with a single ethnic group, secret society or religion. New critical thinkers will be weary of even entertaining the thought of hoax/ research if it is interlaced with distraction. It is for this reason alone that one must consider this a form of poisoning the well of useful information and research.

The historical seismograms of and Nagasaki have mysteriously vanished. If not only for the sake of war-era memorabilia, that information should have been everywhere in the museums and in the press. Hiroshima is located in a highly volcanic zone called the Honshu Arc and those active volcanoes were under constant seismographic surveillance during that period and log before that. The so-called atomic blast at hiroshima was estimated to be the equivalent of 6.2 on the Richter Scale but no seismological outpost in the world appears to have noted it. The Russians said they exploded the biggest atomic bomb ever made (50 megatons) at Novaya Zemlya in northern Russia. That is hundreds of thousands of times more powerful than what they say exploded over Hiroshima yet again, not one seismic needle moved at all. How is that possible I ask?

via The Atom Bomb Hoax and more jewish lies.

Update: After a few email exchanges (including another invitation to the audio broadcast) with the author of this thread (cactusneedles or Roger Desjardins) questioning whether interspersing his research with 0;jew” everywhere was wise, it degenerated into this final note:

So, you need a name, ok, I’ll name you jewboy.

When you find the time to come out from behind your mother’s skirt you
can explain to us your theories about how Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and
the gang from Looney Tunes masterminded and financed those

Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck are some of the char...

Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck are some of the characters that became central to the company’s image. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

multi-billion dollar atom bomb and commercially-viable nuclear energy
production hoax clusters, eh?

That’s not poison in the well, it’s hydrogen peroxide, a disinfectant.
Destroys all the misdirection parasites in the drinking water.

Now go find Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck and interview them instead of
wasting my time with your entry-level
0;jews-are-little-itty-bitty-ethnic-minority-religion” BS.

You don’t win many fans with this type of research.

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6 thoughts on “Nuclear hoax thread

  1. Rerevisionist

    Simon, yes, I have no issues with Abirato (though I have reservations re the Jewish issue) and in fact I’m grateful to him for shoving me into using Skype, trite though that may sound.

    I emailed Roger and asked for a talk just with him, but so far haven’t had a reply. I wish he’d talk as he’s the originator of this material and must certainly have very interesting things to say.

    You’d had more replies from him than I think I have, in fact. I may have said the wrong thing(s) a couple of years ago; I just don’t know. He did once say I was telling lies about him.

  2. Farcevalue

    I have some Jewish neighbors who bring us a lovely three cornered pastry on their Purim holiday and host barbecues a few times a year. A mechanic and a mall salesperson. I work with another Jew who worries about putting his daughter through college. I doubt these folks have the slightest idea about any of the hoaxes discussed here and would be quite surprised to know of them. (Although I think I am starting have an eye-opening effect, however slight, on my work colleague). The point is, are these the people others are referring to when they say “the Jews”?

    I know quite a few more who are struggling like anyone else and probably won’t be in line for any big payout from the elites.

    If anyone ever gets so far as to name an individual involved in one of these hoaxes, with some evidence to back it up, then I will be very interested.

    In the meantime, I won’t be turning down any pastries on the basis of someone crying fowl about an amorphous collection of unnamed millions.

    That said, I did meet someone once who traveled frequently and claimed his occupation was nuclear inspector. He was Jewish. I may have a question or three for him now.

  3. Simon Shack

    Oh ok – I may have also misread your post, and wrongly assumed you were referring to Rae, aka “Rerevisionist”.

    However, the gist of my first comment here was: we cannot blame anyone slightly obsessed with blaming the jews for our current woes for “poisoning the well”. There is, undeniably, a strong case for holding such a bleak jew view. Are jews being used by jesuits – or someone else – as scapegoats for the insanity and senseless aggravation which this world is currently enduring? Only time will tell.

    But for now, let’s be lenient with those who feel the urge to express legitimate frustration over any of the plausible culprits who are fucking around with this beautiful planet.

    See, there are apparently about as many jews on this planet as there are Norwegians and Swedes (approx 13 / 14 million). So, as a Norwegian-Swedish guy, I would certainly be highly concerned and outraged if, on some other imaginary planet with the same ethnic diversity as ours, Norwegian and Swedish individuals owned and controlled most of its media networks, most of its powerhouses and most of its scientific knowledge. I would probably be calling out my own kins on a daily basis – much more vigorously than I do now (when I denounce the utterly corrupt old farts heading the Nobel Prize Committee. May they roast in Hell !). To be sure, if I kept seeing Norwegians and Swedes popping up behind the major hoaxes and psyops of this world – I would most probably keep shouting on the top of my lungs that “All roads lead to Oslo (or Stockholm)!”.

    Well, that just isn’t the case right now. Norway and Sweden are certainly not perfect nations, but at least they have no laws which might throw you into jail if you question their history books.

    Just who is poisoning the well of this lovely planet? I’m sure we will find out – one fine day. And those folks will have to get by with clean, uncontaminated drinking water, as they rot away in mental hospitals. No more Champagne.

  4. Simon Shack

    Ab, I’m sorry to read that you and Rae had a ‘fall out’ (hope it’s not of the radio-deactivating sort, though!). If I may submit some friendly thoughts, please consider this: it is only natural in our line of research to end up wondering who exactly is behind all the psyops and fakeries surrounding us. However, the last thing we should allow to happen, in my humble opinion, is to squabble among ourselves about it. I have, for instance, oft stated my stance on this, which is that we cannot pretend to know much about the exact inner workings and structure of what I like to call the ‘multinational mafia’ which infests our otherwise wonderful planet. I understand that you – correct me if I’m wrong – lean towards a “jesuit-controlled” world mafia and dedicate ample space to this theory on this blog – whereas Rae goes for a “jewish-controlled” world mafia. You may both be right or wrong – and hey, one fine day we may find out that you’re both right ! “It’s the jewsuits”! 😉 But until then, I’d be careful to suggest that anyone’s opinions might ‘poison the well’ of our joint efforts to stop the ongoing media madness. In my ideal future, I see a great many psychopaths getting confined in mental institutions to avoid harming us and themselves. Will it matter in any way if we find out that those patients turn out to be mostly jewish or jesuits – or just a ragtag bunch of jerks?

    1. ab Post author

      I guess my post wasn’t clear. The author of the email and the thread was cactusneedles (very prickly).

      I have no issue with Rae, and plan to have him back.

      I do defer to your experience in this research Simon and agree that trying to figure out who rules over us and what their label could be (Jewsuit is handy) is a distraction.

      I’ll try and be more clear next time!

    2. rickpotvin

      Simon, I contributed a lot of posts to helping you with exposing the Curiosity Mars Lander hoax by proving that that craft could not have come in at 17,000 mph and slowed sufficiently in the thin Mars atmosphere. I started posting more about that and your guys shut me out of clues. I’ve never been allowed back and don’t know why. I’m so happy to find you chatting with Tim here. This is great! I consider all of you brothers.

      I also see, Simon, that you’ve been looking at the theory of the pie plate solar system as a hoax. Yes… it is. The better theory is the helical solar system. See my blog post here…

      Solar system all wrong.

      On Jews, consider the idea– as Micheal Bradley– famous Canadian author on this topic– that Jews are Khazarian Neanderthals. The horrible hoaxes that take extreme amounts of effort and deception are the work of the Neandethal SPECIES… carried forward in what we call the Jew today! Consider the Talmud not as a religious work but as MANUAL or guide for the Neanderthal to reconquer the planet. I didn’t invent this theory. And the theory has truly astounding academically respectable work behind it.

      Jews – Neanderthal hybrid psychopaths with inferior frontal lobes…

      Jews – Willis A. Carto and The Barnes Review.….

      The 9/11 video deception (thank you by the way for getting me out of the Judy wood theory!!!)… as well as other hoaxes are NOT being conducted by a “rag tag bunch of jerks” unless you consider the Neanderthal who survived 400,00 years and 4 ice ages to be “rag tag”. Their genes survived and are now carried forward through maternal mitochondria. This is why Jews insist Jewish moms to be Jew. This is pure EUGENICS. And it’s worse than racism for me to say so! It’s literally SPECIEISM.

      It’s great to see you HERE… I must say. Some of your people on clues are great but I sure wish you all didn’t kick me out. You all never gave me a reason either! I admire the way you are online as YOU, with your own photos and location etc. I think being public is PROTECTION. Being anonymous is more risky. I have a few points that prove that theory but another time.


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