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Dinosaur stories

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Media hoaxes to history hoaxes. Dinosaurs have always been on the top of my list. Once more I thank master film mythmaker Spielberg (Jurassic Park) for spinning his magical special effects to get me questioning this incredible and incredulous story.

Dinosaurs have, in recent years, become a media subject rivaling the space program in popularity and eliciting similar levels of public adoration towards its researchers and scientists. The science of dinosaurs and other prehistoric life is also directly linked to other controversial scientific topics such as evolution, fuel production, climate and even the space program (i.e., what allegedly killed them).

The (non-religious) dinosaur hoax question • Cluesforum.info www.cluesforum.info/viewtopic….

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Fakery close to home

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As mentioned before, it’s easy to dismiss psyops that happen in your own backyard.

It appears this fairly minor psyop has come to Canada. This story has not made much of an impression on the world stage. While it was implied Canadians were involved early on, it seems now the producers have had some time to create a few simExtremeists.

The usual demonization of Muslims is the simple theme. Radicalization of three boys of different ethnicities helps emphasize the multicultural flavor of Canada. The “it can happen to any young man” meme is born.

As usual, the imagery is fuzzy and unclear. The school picture goes a step further to blur out all the other children. The face of the simStudent is poorly inserted/created within the hoodie.

There are very few details of any of simSuspects.

Don’t expect any, as a sleepy public really only needs the broad strokes. The KISS rule applies to psyOps too.

Canadians in Algeria attack went overseas with 3rd man – Canada – CBC News www.cbc.ca/news/canada/story/2…

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