Actors for the Somali Pirate Hoax

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somaliThe Somali 0;pirates” are simply a ragtag bunch that are actually trying to defend their country’s waters from poachers from other countries. In other words, trying to keep what is legally theirs.

You’d never know that from the 0;media”.

To keep the hoax alive, you need actors, even if they aren’t exactly local. I guess Johnny Depp wouldn’t make a convincing Somali pirate.

Croped version of an image formed by the mergi...

Croped version of an image formed by the merging of Image:WorldMap 0-0-90-90.png and Image:WorldMap 0,-90,90,0.png. Map covers the general area where the Somali pirates operate. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My favorite quote from the article:

Adan told Osman he had no regrets. 0;You know, western guys they think the Africans are fools. But we have discovered we are not fools. We are much cleverer than the western people. We are fooling them, but they think they are fooling us.”

Once more, the are usually done in plain sight.

‘The white men need pirates, we give them pirates.’ In Somalia, actors pose as pirates to western journalists – The World Daily.

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