Ep37-Hoaxbuster's Chris Kendall

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audio_mp3_buttonep37-Hoaxbusters’ Chris Kendall

Showtime: Saturday, April 6, 2013, 8pm EDT

Chris Kendall discusses his call to the regarding the missing vicsim record entries. Markus Allen from truthin7minutes.com joined in


We’ll review abirato.info and its latest entries.

Chris’ Hoaxbusters call: http://bit.ly/ZlA2Wy every Monday at 8pm.

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20 thoughts on “Ep37-Hoaxbuster's Chris Kendall

    1. Herge Degrelle

      You mean, ‘in private’ ? Not unless I know who you are or if you’re just anonymous as I am then what your internet personality represents, what ideals you stand for and what kind of people you’re associated with, etc. Once I know that, then I might choose to give you an e-mail contact willingly on your website in order to post comments, post on the forum, etc. The last thing I need is more spam in my e-mail to send to the spam box and never look at. Otherwise, I can be contacted by private message only on internet forums (I post under at least 5 different names on at least 10 different forums and sites so it’s up to you to figure out if it’s me or not). If and when Abirato radio incorporates a private message service that does not give out private e-mails then you can also contact me here.

      @Blue Moon

      Lenny Bruce did not need ‘medical experimentation.’ He shot up smack on his own.

      That was very smooth, the way you slipped in the ‘Auschwitz’ holohoax-related stuff at the end. The ‘medical experiments’ performed in Germany in or out of the concentration camps were in no way worse than any of the ones performed by the U.S, Britain, Sweden and other European countries on their own populations. It is only in connection to the gigantic BS of the holohoax that they have come to represent some ‘horrific aberration’ that never went on in other first world or industrialized countries.

      If Auschwitz was such a ‘place of horrors’ where all sorts of ‘evil experiments’ were performed on the inmates without their knowledge, then why did they have a

      “Camp complaints office where inmates could register complaints or make suggestions. Camp Commander Hoess had a standing order that any inmate could approach him personally to register a complaint about other inmates such as “Kapos” and even guards.

      * A system of strict discipline for guards and also for inmates, with severe punishment being handed out against those found guilty (for even slapping an inmate) ”

      Why did they allow regular Red Cross visits ? What did they do with all these people they were doing experiments on ? Did they hide them in dungeons somewhere ?

      Or are you making the ridiculous claim that they planned to ‘slow kill’ all of them by medical experiments while they allowed over 3000 live births in the maternity ward without a single infant death?

      Why did they have a maternity ward where “Over 3,000 live births were registered with not a single infant death while Auschwitz was in operation under German rule ”


      Can’t answer that question can you ?

      Letters recently found in U.S. Archives prove the following:

      U.S. and German top-level government officials talked with each other through Swiss and Irish consuls in 1944 and ’45 about the condition of inmates in German-operated camps,

      In 1944 German officials denied any intention to mass-murder inmates,

      Germany guaranteed to evacuate inmates ahead of Soviet advance,

      Former camp inmates confirmed inmates were being safely evacuated.

      Go here for replicas of the letters:


      The shootings of Jews on the Eastern front were done against Himmler’s guidlines as proven by SS and Gestapo messages decoded by the British codebreakers (fascimiles of original docs are on David Irving’s site at link below):

      Translations of SS and Gestapo messages of November 17 – December 1, 1941, decoded a few days later each time by the British codebreakers

      No. 25: OEJ from DSQ SSD DSQ No 4 1930 2 parts 177 75 SPK1 3742

      SS Obergruppenführer JECKELN, Senior SS and Police Commander, Ostland [Baltic Provinces], RIGA. The Jews being resettled in the Ostland region are to be treated only in accordance with the guidelines laid down by myself or by the Reich Security Main Office. I will punish those who act on their own authority or in contravention [of the guidelines]. (Sgd. H HIMMLER)”


      Source of all these: Public Record Office File HW16/32, GPS [Bletchley Park, “German Police Section] Nos. [sic] July – December 1941”

  1. aral sea

    I liked the range of topics in this episode especially the AIDS one. The Magic Johnson story always was a red flag to me. And now his son is gay just continues the “magic: story. Perhaps Big Pharma needed a poster boy since he takes a daily combination of prescription drugs (according to wikipedia) to combat the HIV.


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