Allah on the holodex

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A very good pre- preconditioning article on

When Seeing and Hearing Isn’t Believing 

Most Americans were introduced to the

Gump with President John F. Kennedy. A variety...

Gump with President John F. Kennedy. A variety of visual effects were used to incorporate Tom Hanks into archive footage with various historical figures and events. (Photo credit: )

tricks of the digital age in the movie Forrest Gump, when the character played by Tom Hanks appeared to shake hands with President Kennedy.

For Hollywood, it is special effects. For covert operators in the U.S. military and intelligence agencies, it is a weapon of the future.


As for the hologram, well, it needed a really big mirror and lots of power for projection. Where would the mirror have gone for Fetzer’s hologram hangover?

But doing so over the skies of Iraq? To project such a hologram over Baghdad on the order of several hundred feet, they calculated, would take a mirror more than a mile square in space, as well as huge projectors and power sources.

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1 thought on “Allah on the holodex

  1. Gabriel

    I like how you related…:….. Yup, the media is just a wing of the hijacked military. I used to hope that some sensible General would figure it out and fight the bad guys. That is not possible because probably the Generals are in on the plan. They place the high ranks with those that sympathize or owned by the bad guys. I used to be in the military (an Officer no less) and it disgusts me that the upper ranks I saluted and respected were against the very way of life I wanted to fight for. I wonder if there is anyone that really cares in our military. We can take this back. If you are one, find people like me. Its not supposed to be this way. Things should be much different than they are.

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