Le Sandy Hook Hoax eh?

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Another shooting 0;close to home”, within eyeshot of Canada’s parliament buildings and of course intelligence community. Seems to be following the template quite carefully.

Watching the video in the following story, one gets the impression of a drill. Lots of smiling faces of parents – hardly the look of fear. Gunman and vicsim both dead – so one can assume there will be no follow up or explanation.

Convenient how the was done at 10:27 (9/1[1]) am – these gunmen always like to get things done in the morning (and on a Friday, like Sandy Hoax), presumably to give the media all day to prepare for the 6 o’clock news and the audience all weekend to talk about it. Another similarity to Sandy Hoax – a neighbour took in all the children.

PsyOps, like many other events in Canada, are done on a smaller budget. Therefore there are fewer elements to check for clues.

Two men dead, all children safe after shooting at Gatineau daycare (with video)

Two men dead, all children safe after shooting at Gatineau daycare (with video).

On a related note, I think it may be time for researchers to review the Denis Lortie shooting at Quebec’s legislature – an event that triggered Canada’s infamous Long Gun registry.

Below are a few screen caps with my comments in red.


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5 thoughts on “Le Sandy Hook Hoax eh?

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  2. banazir2980

    Yeah, virtually no witnesses, the kids safely across the street, police there within 3 minutes, no info on the dead, 53 childrens parents on ONE bus at a time? ” Counselling services have been set up for the children and staff”, that was fast. ” Many of them had not been able to retrieve all of their belongings inside the daycare centre, which was being treated as a crime scene”, of course it was “treated” as a crime scene its supposed to actually be a crime scene!

    Perhaps a language barrier has lost something in translation, perhaps something worse.

  3. J'nel

    OK I’ll give something. My thoughts are who is the boss’s boss. Who moves the chess peices. Where is the money and why do they want war. That’s obvious?!? It’s like that game of Risk. I play chess and it is a draining game so they must be tired.

  4. J'nel

    I was interested in the Howard Stern/911 story and wanted to show you or talk about it. You put the story out within 12 hours of me thinking about it. I’m still trying to figure out why people say ‘Jews’ on a video about a funny cat. The enemy comes in all forms and I don’t feel a need to fight or argue about Jews or Jesuits or Browns or Whites or Aspartame.

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